I live about 10 minutes from the PEZ Factor & Visitor’s Center but have yet to visit it in my 10+ years of living here.  After a local radio station gave me free admission for my birthday this year, we decided to check it out on Friday.  Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and children 3-12.  With your admission you get a PEZ lanyard that holds your ticket (super cute!) and $2 to the store for any merchandise purchase on the day of your visit. (A pack of a fun PEZ flavor is $1.99)  Each month they also do an activity that if completed wins you a free PEZ dispenser and there are also trivia computers where you’ll get a certificate once you complete it.

The tour is self guided though there are some stickers on the floor to guide you and the brochure give to you when you enter also has a suggestion for how to do your tour.  There are windows opened to the PEZ packaging and production area so if you go during the week you’ll get to see stuff going on, but they are not working on the weekends.  Honestly, that area of the tour was not quite as exciting as I was expecting so if you’re only available to go during the weekend I wouldn’t worry too much about missing out.  There are some other displays upstairs and there are stairs or an elevator (I’m sorry, Ela-Vader) to access that area.  There also is a spot where you can do a photo op to put your head on the PEZ dispenser. (We didn’t end up doing this)

Our activity to win a PEZ dispenser was a scavenger hunt, you had to find hidden in all the displays each of the 7 dwarfs.  Once you found them, it told you what letter to put on the card and when you exited you handed it in to get you dispenser.  We got I believe a fox?  They show at the ticket booth what the prize is when you’re buying your tickets.  We actually struggled to find the last 2 dwarfs, even though we had already figured out what the phrase they would spell out was.

Overall it took us about an hour to check out all the displays, solve the scavenger hunt and shop.   They also have a bucket of pez available for I think $7 though the flavors they had didn’t really appeal to me so I didn’t get it, even though I wanted to.  The price of admission is pretty low considering all that you end up getting out of it.  I’d definitely recommend visiting and I wouldn’t mind going again.

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