Thursday night 98° kicked off their anniversary tour at the Premier Theater at Foxwoods Casino.  There was also the Wahlburgers grand opening on the other side of the casino so we thought it might have been a pretty boyband heavy night.  Except the boyband centric person we bumped into was actually Johnny Wright, *NSYNC’s manager.  I’m not sure we were expecting that! (We didn’t chat long and didn’t get any info out of him, so please don’t ask lol)

All-4-One opened the night and had all 4 members! (back in March I only saw 3 of them)  They basically did the same set they did back in March but with much less talking in between songs.

Then it was time for 98°!  The first part of the show they seemed to be a little off, they didn’t have command of the crowd (almost everyone was sitting) and things just seemed off.  I think they may have not had enough rehearsal time but it was giving off “Dads called on stage to make a boyband at the talent show” vibes.  Fortunately, about midway through their divas medley things seemed to click a bit more and the rest of the show (where it was more stuff they had done before)  was a lot better.  They did several medleys – they opened with their “Opening Medley” then the y did a “Divas medley” and an “acoustic medley” and a “TRL medley”.  The TRL Medley was probably my favorite and it was definitely Tearin’ Up My Heart that got the most crowd response.

They also had this big screen behind them that was playing different scenic videos and photos of the guys throughout the set that was weird.  I also enjoyed how much Drew was making fun of Nick.  Before the Divas medley Nick asked what was a diva and Drew pointed to Nick! And then Nick made a comment about recording a music video but it was about the wrong song (which the London Bridge was behind them on the screen for the song before, but they all had their backs to it) and then Drew brought it up again later to mock him to which Nick said “I made a mistake.” I don’t think he’ll be making that mistake again, but I’m sure Drew will keep bringing it up for a while because that’s what brothers do.

After the show we lingered a bit and played on the slot machine and I ended up winning $20.  Throw that in the *NSYNC reunion savings bucket…

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