Remember how earlier this month I said I should skip the outdoor summer shows? Well, this one was already in the works before I said that, but it didn’t make me change my mind.  The weather kept fluctuating between being really hot or thunderstorming, fortunately any storms held off, but the heat did not.  Needing to have just a small clear bag, I ended up leaving my camera home and taking my fan instead which turned out to be the right choice. (And I tend to use my phone more with O-Town because it can handle their running all around better than my camera can because I always forget to look into the settings before the show)

We left very early since it was “day game after a night game” and got to Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagaugchaubunagungamaugg (not kidding) and the venue just as gates were opening.  We found a spot in the shade and made a deal that we’d skip the opener Dean Ford and Ryan Cabrera since our seats were in direct sunlight and only head inside for BBMak and O-Town.  Where we were seated we could still see the stage anyway (though Ryan had a speaker head for his set) so it wasn’t like we were completely missing out.

When Chris talked about Ryan, he mentioned most of the same things I had been saying when we were in the shade.  And then he started talking about things my friend had brought up at VIP the night before! Did we write his hosting script? Sure seemed like it!

When we got to our seats I immediately started feeling really claustrophobic and was glad that I opted to bring the fan. Once I put it on and drank some water I was feeling a lot better.  BBMak took the stage and did the same set as they had done the night before (although seemed to have some tech issues with their track on their first song), but Christian was blocked Friday night and Mark and Ste Saturday so it kind of evened itself out.  There also was an older couple in front of us that kept kissing and it was so obnoxious and out of place and at one point it seemed like Christian was just staring at them.  Their set was: Out Of My Heart, Still on Your Side, Next Time, I Can Tell, More Than Words, Unpredictable, Ghost of You and Me, Back Here.

Then it was time for O-Town!  For the most part, their set was the same as Friday night, but after the LFO shoes came on stage, instead of inviting Brad out, they did Sky Dive?  Seems like it was a last minute addition.  The guys seemed to be really hot on stage – Trevor’s shirt was completely soaked and when I finally stood up for the *NSYNC portion I was surprised with the amount of sweat drips that were all over the stage.  At one point Trevor did a jump that ended up breaking his necklace.  I saw him grab the necklace off himself and stick it in his pocket, and it seemed like later he was able to pick up whatever charm he had on it and stuck that in his pocket as well.  Jacob’s neck seemed so red, I am not sure how they made it through that whole set without incident!

After the show it was pretty hectic with all the VIP options being after the show since it started so early.  Security did a good job separating everyone out and we made it to our separate room for Chris VIP which was fortunately air conditioned!  Chris talked about Masked Singer again, Celebrity Big Brother, and other random things.  It seemed like he didn’t want to stop talking and he had to be pushed to move on to photos and autographs.  It’s so nice that he cares to actually spend time with fans and chat than just rushing us through everything to get it over with!

I have one show left on Wednesday and I am not sure yet what type of VIP or photo ops I’ll be doing… but I guess we’ll see!

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