Before starting this book, I made the mistake of looking at its reviews on GoodReads-  where it had 2 stars.  The book hadn’t been released yet when I read it and most of the complaints were that it was “obviously a book from WattPad”, I’m not really sure how to tell (aside from it saying so on the cover) but I’m not sure the harsh reviews were warranted.  There were some timeline issues and I had a bit of confusion if it was taking place in present day or not based on some of the slang used (“Go Home Roger” screams 90s Sister/Sister to me?) but nothing that I couldn’t end up working out.

Obviously as a pop music fan the goal was *always* to date a Pop Star.  This story is about Aaliyah and her best friend Tyler.  They were best friends growing up – Tyler a singer, Aaliyah a dancer.  Tyler ended up going off and becoming a popstar leaving Aaliyah behind.  Tyler ends up coming home for a visit, reconnecting with Aaliyah and interrupting her life completely.

It’s not a good book without some drama, right?  So add in some Russian mobsters who are trying to shake down Tyler’s Dad for some money and Aaliyah gets all wrapped up in their mess.

Tyler just wants to get back to a normal life and doesn’t really want to disrupt Aaliyah’s life, but a lot of things end up getting turned upside down and the two have to decide if they want each other or their careers.  Add in some high school mean girls…

It was a cute book and a quick read I enjoyed.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Aaliyah Preston and Tyler Moore were best friends growing up. Tyler played and wrote music, and Aaliyah brought that music to life through dance. They were convinced their lives would change forever after entering a TV talent show, but when Aliyah’s mom ended up in hospital, Tyler had to go alone–and won. Suddenly, he was thrust into the spotlight while she was left behind in their small, seaside town.

Several years later, Tyler is the hottest pop star on the planet, and Aaliyah has her heart set on following in her mom’s footsteps and attending the Boston Conservatory to study dance. However, her future becomes hazy when Tyler suddenly comes back home, and wants to make up for all the years they lost–and even plan a future that includes the two of them together.

While Tyler may have a lavish lifestyle and fans all the world over, he isn’t happy. What he really wants is a chance at a normal life, and he wants Aaliyah to be part of that life. However, family drama, including long buried secrets about both of their fathers, threaten any plans for their futures. But like the best pop songs, when the music and the lyrics come together everything works in perfect harmony. Tyler and Aaliyah will need to write a new duet without giving up on their dreams.

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