Friday Night, Louis Tomlinson opened his Faith in the Future tour at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.  Getting tickets for this show was incredibly difficult and I was convinced bots took over the onsale.  With how many chunks of seats were not taken during the “sold out” show, I am still pretty convinced this was the case.

Traffic to get to the casino was a mess, way worse than your typical Friday and it’s almost Summer traffic, I think there was a pretty bad accident about 30 minutes into my drive.  My GPS kept redirecting me and in the end I am not sure it really helped me out at all, but the trip took about 2x as long as it was supposed to but I managed to show up shortly after doors opened.  The drive ended up making my knee angry so doing the show with just my cane was out.  And I had upper level seats.  I grabbed the walker, hoped they’d have a place to stash it while I was upstairs and headed inside.  The usher told me they might be able to relocate me and it would be worth asking but do it early when they still had a lot of options to move me to.  The staff was SO SO nice and I told them I could probably do the stairs if I needed to, but they insisted they’d be able to find me a seat with little to no steps and they certainly delivered.  I got moved about halfway back to a last row of the lower level with no steps to get to the seat, on the aisle and with a spot nearby to stash the walker.  After they screwed things up so badly earlier in the year, it was nice to see they DO care about helping out those who need help and ask for it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as despite having tickets to see other 1D members solo, this ended up being the first one I actually made it to. (Appropriate it was Louis as he is m favorite member, though I do tend to listen to Niall’s music the most)  The place absolutely erupted when he did Night Changes – the first One Direction song of the set and everything was shaking.  The show was a lot of fun and I think I had more fun people-watching all the girls watch the show – why is the new thing to film yourself watching the concert? The set ended up having 2 1D songs and 1 Arctic Monkeys cover (which also got the whole place to erupt)

Louis kept saying it was going to be a very long tour, but this was the first night of it. He’s no stranger to Mohegan Sun as One Direction had played there several times but it was a little bit weird for me seeing it just be him and him doing all the stage banter. (I’ll have to get used to it as I have tickets to see Niall next year now – hopefully 3rd times the charm and I’ll actually make it.)

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