As someone who doesn’t want to be touched (physical touch is often close to if not the bottom of my results on love language quizzes) I was curious to see how much “Touch Matters” and what I might have been missing out on by trying to avoid it.  I think a bit of it might be because I wasn’t much for being given “pleasant touch” as a reward growing up. In fact, quite the opposite.  I’m also in no way a fan of social touch.

While this book has shown me that a lot of these touches can be beneficial to me (especially hugging), I am not sure I am going to change how I feel about being touched any time soon! I guess I’ll just continue to be extra stressed. It is all I’ve ever known, after all.

The book will give you a quiz to find out your “Touch Persona” by having you answer a series of questions on a range from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. Turns out I am more agreeable towards intimate touch and less so with unfamiliar touch, affective touch behaviors and friends and family.  The outcome of this quiz was really not all that surprising to me.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

An exploration of the new science behind our most underappreciated sense and why we need to harness the power of touch for our health and wellbeing.

Every day, we use our sense of touch to navigate the world. A handshake, a pat on the shoulder, a hug-all essential daily touches that make up our daily lives. In Title TK, Professor Michael Banissy brings together diverse scientific insights from the world’s largest study on touch with takeaways on how to enhance your levels of touch for a happier, healthier life. The book explains why touch is essential to our wellbeing, the role it plays in our relationships, friendships, in the bedroom, workplace, in team activities such as sports, and much more.

Banissy’s latest research explores:

  • Our “touch personalities”
  • Touch starvation
  • How touch defines our relationships and self-esteem
  • The impact of touch on our physical and mental health

This is a fascinating window into one of our most important and basic senses and how to harness its power.

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