Book Review: Played by the Rockstar

The “Rockstar Romance” is one of my favorite sub genres, but this book just didn’t really do it for me.  This was my 50th book to read for the year – but it took me nearly 2 weeks to make my way through it when nearly everything else I read I devoured in a couple of days.  The book was very slow in ramping up for me and once things did seem to start happening, the book was done.  I also have trouble when the characters don’t have common names, I’m not entirely sure why but it makes it harder for me to picture them.  While our leading lady, Becca, had a name that was common, no one else really did.  Our rock star is named Linx, and the rest of his band all have names ending in X as well.

I think if the first 25% of this book weren’t as slow for me, I would have enjoyed it more – as I finished the second half of the book much quicker than the first – but for me this one kind of fell flat.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

A rock star walks into a bar…

Certified behavioral counselor (and former band groupie) Becca Forrester needs a break. Taking a leave of absence from her job, she moves into the apartment over her parents’ garage, and clinches a gig waitressing at a dive bar known for bringing in big name musicians.

Cedric “Linx” Lincoln is a certified rock star. Bassist for the hugely popular rock band, Dimefront, he’s in Denver while the band is on hiatus a-freaking-gain. He’s looking for something—anything—to keep him occupied until they can all get back to making music. When he saunters into his friend’s bar, he finds the perfect diversion.

Becca’s presence is a breath of fresh air. The sizzle she ignites in him is precisely what he needs. Bonus: no-stress, no-strings hookups are his specialty. But when things between them tip toward serious, his band implodes, and Becca’s leave of absence ends, they’re forced to decide what their “real” lives should look like. Maybe there’s room for an encore…

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