Seeing the Script at Foxwoods on Thursday September 28th wasn’t always my plan, at first I had considered adding it to my already long list of concerts for the week if I thought I wouldn’t be completely exhausted.  Then I tried to enter to win tickets and they gave me a “winning” offer of buy one ticket get one free which is NOT a win when you were considering going to the show by yourself! But when my Mom got offered tickets to the show for free through her rewards card, she surprised me by trading in so we could go!

I was surprised the traffic getting up there after my meeting on Thursday was so light, but we had plenty of time to pick up our tickets, eat, and even play at a couple machines before heading in for the show – which we were told started at 7:30 but did not start until 8.

Tom Walker opened the show and I really liked his set. He is giving away a guitar and is looking for the best photo from the tour.  I gave it a shot but it was the first show and I doubt anything I can take on my phone will be the best show of an entire tour but you never know! He was from Manchester and was playing to just 300 people at his last show!

Around 9pm The Script took the stage.  Danny has WAY too much energy and I was finding it hard to keep up with him.  The show was at a casino and he teased about how it was a bad idea to invite a lucky Irish band to play at the casino – earlier he had put down $100 and got back 5.

The setlist was made up about 16 songs, a quarter of which were from their latest release, Freedom Child, including their latest single – Rain.  (Which I heard several times in Sirius radio while on our Hanson road trip the weekend before)

Danny ended up in the crowd 2 or 3 times throughout the night – and the crowd got more and more frenzied every time. The first time he went down I was surprised that everyone in the crowd was so calm, but his return trips down the stairs got crazier and crazier with him standing on seats in the crowd to sing and spending extra time with a couple of fans who were in wheelchairs.

After the show we were in the elevator and a guy asked me if we went to the show – but assumed we hadn’t.  When we said yes he was going on about how good it was. It was no surprise to me – I had seen them before and knew that Danny has a stage presence and energy that cannot be beat or matched!

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