Recently I was looking to get rid of some books and decided I would try out decluttr, as I had heard it was a pretty good site.  In order to have free shipping to send the items to the site, you had to submit 30 items, so I ended up going through my CDs as well to hit 30.  I ended up getting $13 for all my effort and it was completely not worth it.  If you are in dire need of cash and have a TON of free time to sort through all your things and scan barcodes, it may be worth it.  But for all the hours I put into it, to only end up with $13 (sometimes just $0.05 for a CD) I would have been better off putting in little effort, throwing everything into trash bags and dropping it off at a place like GoodWill.

After packaging everything and sending it in – they ended up not even paying me for one of the CDs because it was a “promotional” CD and unable to resale.  Did they send the CD back to me? Nope. They kept it.  Whether they tossed it since it couldn’t be sold or decided to sell it (or do whatever it is they do with them) instead, I don’t know, but that was pretty annoying.  I guess I should have realized it was a promo CD myself but it wasn’t obviously labeled as one.

In the future I think I will just donate to GoodWill, less effort and a tax write off.