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Show Review: Jersey Boys Tour

Wednesday night I went to check out the Jersey Boys touring cast at the Oakdale Theater.  Drew Seeley is in the touring cast as Bob Gaudio so I wanted to check him out, but I was a bit hesitant because I had never seen a touring cast before and the tickets were almost as expensive as seeing it on Broadway (which is an hour and a half train ride away for me).  However, when tickets popped up on Groupon for about 50% off – I decided I’d go check the show out.

20150204_184058The show started at about 7:30 and I was surprised just how many latecomers there were – when it was time for them to be allowed to be released into the theater to find their place it was like a whole herd of people had been let go – which then led to lines in the aisles which was a bit distracting. (I think the fact that the ushers had no idea what the sections were contributed to that as well, as I came to the area I thought I was supposed to go to but was instructed to go to the other side of the theater – and then all the way back…)

Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – from their early days being put together, their success and break up.  I tried not to read anything about the show before going and I also knew next to nothing about the group before going either so I found the show to be very informative and funny too.  There were a lot of songs in it that I knew but I didn’t know that they were done by Frankie Valli.

The show is recommended for ages 12 and up – The show contains smoke, gun shots, strobe lighting, drug references, sexual situations and authentic “profane Jersey language” and I definitely recommend that you check it out if it comes to a town near you! Find out where the show will be next at the website:

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Penn & Teller at MGM Grand Foxwoods

Thursday one of the local radio stations was going to be doing a Twitter Thursday giveaway for Penn & Teller tickets at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods.  They were going to be doing giveaways at 10, 2 and 5. You had to be the first to answer a trivia question.  The 10am question it took me too long to figure out the answer (even though I had a feeling each answer would either be “Penn” or “Teller”) and lost out for being too slow.  2pm I was better prepared and since the 10am question answer was Teller, I took a chance that the answer was going to be Penn.  Sure enough, it asked who competed on Dancing With The Stars in 2008 and it was Penn and I was first to answer!

So Saturday we made the trek to the casino and then hiked up to our seats – we were 4 rows from the top – but hey, they were free so that’s ok!

The show went for just over an hour and left me saying “how’d they do that?” way too many times.  Even after they SHOWED how they did some of the tricks I still couldn’t figure it out.  My brother and I had a bunch of fun and I was a bit shocked to see that the couple next to me decided to leave because they were “bored” about 20 minutes in.  Crazy!

After the show, Penn and Teller were signing and doing pictures in the lobby. It was a mob scene, so we went to get gelato and when we came back – they were still signing!  My brother waited about half an hour and got Teller’s autograph and a photo with him.  His area was a bit more organized, everyone stood in a (large) circle around him and he just went around and around to get to everyone.  Penn was up against Will Call and it was just a bit mob of people and I figured it would probably be at LEAST another hour and it was getting late so we didn’t wait for him.

If you get the chance to check them out, definitely do it – I am pretty sure you’ll be entertained and not bored. Unless you’re weird.  Then maybe you’ll be bored and leave 20 minutes in.  And in this photo above, they are doing their first trick which I should be able to check out on YouTube, because yes, I was wondering how the heck they did it.

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Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol will be shown in a mind-blowing IMAX Experience in 300 theatres across the country starting December 16. (A full FIVE days before iits North American premiere)

Join Ethan Hunt and his team of rogue IMF agents, in this awesome spy adventure hat will keep you on edge of your seat from start to finish. With 30-minutes of scenes shot with IMAX cameras, fans will be able to enjoy certain sequences of the movie in larger than life proportions. You wil be right in the action as Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) scales the world’s tallest building, the Burk Khalifa Tower in Dubai, as this and other thrilling moments expand to fit the entire IMAX screen. As an added bonys, IMAX will offer the first previews of the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight rises, prior to Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Check out the IMAX Trailer here:

And be sure to IMAX on facebook at


The information in this post was provided by IMAX through SocialSpark. By posting I am entered for a chance to win one of ten exclusive 4-packs of tickets.

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The Buried Life at the Lyman Center

Friday night, 2 of the 4 members of “The Buried Life”, Ben & Dave, came to Southern Connecticut State University to talk a little bit about their project.  Some of you may know “The Buried Life” from their TV show on MTV.  Their project is this: They pose the question “What do you want to do before you die?”.  As Ben, Dave, Jonnie and Duncan travel trying to cross items off their own list, they also help a stranger cross an item off their list.

They talked a little bit about how they all met and how the project started. In the beginning, Ben just made a lot of phone calls and was able to get sponsors and donations so they could buy an RV and travel around trying to cross some items off their list.  They started small and were persistent – Ben was a Knight for a day, they made it on the front page of the newspaper (twice), and they opened the 6 o’clock news.  The next summer they tried to go a little bigger.

One of the items on the list was to make their own TV show.  They did get an offer from a Canadian company but they wouldn’t have full creative control so they turned it down.  Dave said this was hard to do because they were all broke, but they wanted to do things their own way and stay close to the project since they had created it.  A little while later, MTV came to them and they said they wanted full control and wanted to make things happen on their own – not because MTV was orchestrating things.  MTV said ok and The Buried Life began filming.

For their first episode they broke in to the Playboy Mansion.  They figured they should call Playboy first to let them know that it would air – but Playboy said they would sue the guys and charge them with breaking in entering if they did.  They tried to go to the VP but were told the same thing so they wrote a letter to Hugh Hefner.  He gave them the OK to play the episode – but also said he was very disappointed in the boys. (Dave, who grew up a Hugh fan said it was cooler to be scolded by Hugh than it was to have broken in to the place!)

If you watch the show – you’ll know that one of the items on the list was to play basketball with the President.  The guys are all Canadian so they knew that it would be a long shot, but they found Reggie Love’s number and Obama doesn’t play if Reggie isn’t on the court with him.  The show was to be continued because they didn’t make it happen, but they showed us “secret” footage before their talk ended.  Reggie invited the guys to check out the White House when Obama was not there.  They were in new suits they had just bought and shooting around on the court with a camera they snuck in in their underwear!  As one of them is on the phone with a friend bragging they are at the white house – they turn around and in walks Obama! He said he had seen the show and figured he could come shoot some hoops with them!  So. Awesome.  (There had been news reports out that this had happened – so I figure it is no big deal that I gave this away)

The moral of their story was simple.  Help others and don’t stop if you believe in something because there is a way to make it happen. (I mean, who really thought they’d get Obama to play ball with them?) Find sponsors, make phone calls, don’t take no as an answer!

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Women Of Faith Imagine November 12, 2011

Over the weekend, The Women Of Faith Imagine conference came to the XL Center in Hartford, CT.  Booksneeze sent me complimentary tickets so that I could check out the event and post a review.  Women of Faith is 2 days of inspiration for women.  Join thousands of women for a surprisingly intimate, unexpectedly funny, deeply touching 2-day event.

Escape from the everyday at a Women of Faith weekend and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Because the God who loves you can do far more than you can ever Imagine. To find a Women of Faith event near you, visit

I will highlight 2 of the speakers – Lisa Harper and Sheila Walsh.

Lisa Harper

Chances are you’ll never look at the Bible the same way again after hearing Lisa’s fresh take on the Scriptures.  She brings the Bible to life — and has the know-how to do it. (A Masters of Theological Studies from Covenant Seminary helps.)  For six years, Lisa served as the director of Focus on the Family’s national women’s ministry; the next six years found her serving on the local level as the women’s ministry director at a large Nashville church. Now she writes books and speaks at events all over the world, but it hasn’t gone to her head. “I’m definitely grateful for the opportunities God’s given me,” Lisa says, “but don’t forget, He often uses donkeys and rocks!” Lisa and her family of “critters” live in Tennessee.

I was most interested in hearing Lisa speak after I had read her book Stumbling In To Grace and realized how funny she was.  Her speaking was also funny, but at the same time, serious.  She had been molested as a child and didn’t think that she was worthy of God.  She explained how she realized that she was with a bunch of funny anecdotes… one about a nekkid man in a park… hilarious and I don’t think any attempt of me recapping it could make it half as funny as it was – so be sure to catch Lisa speaking if you have the chance!  She also spoke about how she wished to be a mother, but at the age of 48 she didn’t think that was going to happen for her.  However, after volunteering she met a girl who is 23 and pregnant, a prostitute and crack addict and that she will be the mother to this girl’s baby and that she recently found out it was a girl.  God works in mysterious ways and he has certainly showed that to Lisa!

Sheila Walsh

She’s a multi-talented author (with more than four million books sold!), speaker, singer, television personality, and dog-walker who does it all while wearing killer heels. Her transparency takes our breath away as she shares the real issues she – and many of us – deal with every day. Prior to joining Women of Faith, Sheila co-hosted television’s The 700 Club and her own talk show Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh on the Family Channel. She is currently working on completing her Master’s degree in Divinity.  Sheila lives in Texas withe her husband, Barry, son, Christian, and two little white dogs Belle and Tink.

Sheila’s story was about how the Shepherd will know where to find you.  She grew up with a father who ended up dying at 34 in a mental institution.  Many told her how she was just like her father and she tried hard to over come it – but at 34 she found herself also in an institution.  She was sent a guardian angel from God and that is how she realized that she was worthy of God’s love.  Sheila’s story was also mixed in with some humor – for instance how in the beginning of her marriage she was given gifts from Victoria’s Secret but now she was given a “hoodie footie” with her name on it – and she realized that the name on it was for when her husband woke up and thought “now what is your name again?”  At the end of her speech she sang How Great Thou Art which moved me to tears.  (This song was sung at my grandmother’s funeral and for some reason always makes me think of that and break down!) She brought the signer up to sign with her on the stage as well which for some reason made everything hit me even harder.

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Post Secret at the Lyman Center

Friday night, Frank Warren, the creator of “Post Secret” came to Southern Connecticut State University to talk about his project.

Every Sunday, post secret posts “Sunday Secrets”.  These are secrets people send to Frank’s home telling their innermost thoughts and secrets.  As the project became bigger and bigger, Harper Collins reached out to Frank to make a book – which has now become several books.  There have also been Post Secret exhibits at museum where thousands of postcards are on display showing everyone’s secrets.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I saw that Frank would be at SCSU.  At first I thought maybe it would just be a glorified book signing – but it was so much more than that.

Frank took the stage and first discussed a bit about what made him start the project, how neither of his parents supported him – but fortunately his wife and daughter do. (And since all the postcards are sent to Frank’s home, he said his wife has joked that they will now never be able to move!) He showed an image of stacks and stacks of postcards being piled in his home.  One was written on a banana and one on a coconut!  He shared some of his favorites.

We also got to see the “secret secrets” which are ones that for whatever reason Harper Collins would not let him publish. (Nudity, copyrighted photos, etc)

After Frank was done talking – he opened up the floor to whoever wanted it.  They could ask him a question or share a secret.  This was very emotional for not only those sharing their secrets but also for those in the audience!  Some of what people revealed were sad, others had happy anecdotes to add to the discussion.

If you are even in the least bit interested in Post Secret and follow the secrets – I urge you to check out and see if Frank is coming to your area for his tour.  You will leave changed.  The whole ride home I was thinking about my “secrets” and what to do with them.  Should I let the world know? Should I anonymously tell a stranger? Should I bury them inside? Can I do something so that these secrets are no longer secrets and help myself in the process?  And most importantly – how can I use what I know and my skills to help others?  Frank has done great work for suicide prevention hotlines – raising lots of money and raising awareness through his project.  How can I make a difference?


(There also is a new post secret app – right now for iPhone and soon for Android.  And apparently never for BlackBerry.  Looks like another reason for me to be switching to a droid when my upgrade comes around!)


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Need to diversify your dinner routine? Join the LIVE @Hellmanns #ChickenChallenge event! 9/20 @ 12:10PM ET

What: Hellmann’s Live Chicken Challenge
Where: Live stream at
When: Today, Sept. 20th at 12:10pm EST
Who: Celeb dad and actor Mark Consuelos, renowned chef Tim Love and lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers

I received the information in this post from One2One Network. I did not receive compensation from this post but I am entered to win a gift card for posting.

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Women of Faith

I am proud to announce I have been chosen to cover the Women of Faith event in Hartford, CT this fall!

Escape from the everyday at a Women of Faith weekend and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Because the God who loves you can do far more than you can ever Imagine.
Women of Faith Imagine

Speakers at the event include: Sheila Walsh, Luci Swindoll, Lisa Harper & Angie Smith

Musical Guests for my event are: Mary Mary & Natalie Grant (For you American Idol fans – check out your local event because Mandisa is doing some of the events!)

Drama by Nicole Johnson and Special Guest Henry Cloud

I am looking forward to bringing you full coverage from the event. If you are looking to see if this event will be in your neck of the woods, you can visit and check out the “events” tab. The website is full of other great information too, I definitely recommend you spend some time on it and check it out 🙂

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I miss Shea Stadium

Last Tuesday night I headed out to Citi Field with my family for my birthday to see the Mets take on the Cardinals.  It was also Ike Davis Bobblehead night – but Ike has been sidelined with an ankle injury for a while so he was not in the lineup.  Neither was my favorite player, David Wright.  Jose Reyes had just been activated off the DL though – so at least there was one familiar face in the line up! (I exaggerate, there was more than just Jose)

The game was great and the Mets won 4-2.  It was incredibly hot though, even for us just sitting in the stands.  I spotted Ike Davis in the dug out during the game – and he was wearing a JACKET!  Not sure how he could do that, but maybe the clubhouse was cold and he kept going in and out of the dugout.

When the game was over and we got back to the car – the family was talking about how much we missed Shea Stadium – the old home of the Mets.  But more importantly, we miss the box seats!  Before you would have 4 tickets and you’d be “boxed in”  with 2 seats in one row and the other 2 seats behind.  There was a rail to the right or left with another box and then on the other side a staircase.  You never needed to get up to let someone out unless it was the person sitting next to you, so those people who feel the need to get up and out of their seats over and over during games don’t bother you.  Also for me, it was a lot easier to get up out of my seat when there was the rail in front of me to pull up on.

Now at Citi Field, all of the sections are rows so you are force to get up to let other people through and back and forth… It is also harder to have a conversation with everyone in a row.  I was sitting next to my Dad, so if I said anything and my Mom wanted to know what my Dad would repeat it and my brother was on the end so it sometimes got repeated to him too.  With the box seats, I usually sat in front with my brother and then could just turn around to talk to my parents without a problem.

Otherwise, for the most part, I like the “modern” upgrades to Citi Field.  Although the other thing I would change is the fact that if you take the elevator down because you can’t or don’t want to navigate the stairs – there is pretty much no way to get to the team store in the rotunda.  You have to go to another entrance to be let back in. What I didn’t realize was that besides showing your ticket again, you also needed to get patted down again.  I of course realized this once the woman there grabbed me and completely caught me off guard and therefore ended up with me being off balance.  It would have been nice if she was like “I need to pat you down” and didn’t just grab at me.  Fortunately I was able to keep my balance and not fall – but seriously if you see someone with a leg brace on it might be a good idea to give them a heads up if you are going to grab them.  Actually, it might be a good idea to give ANYONE a heads up that you need to grab them…

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Big Apple Comic Con – Part 2

As soon as I got my VIP stuff I got in line to get my autograph from Tom Felton.  He seemed to be talking to everyone so we had plenty of time to get photos of him while we were waiting.  It took about a half an hour to get up to him, which wasn’t too bad of a wait at all.

We had 3 photos to choose from and got to choose if we wanted it personalized or not. I chose to get mine personalized because I like to see how people make their ‘K’s.  I have to say, Tom’s K was pretty fancy!  He was totally sweet and called everyone by name as we got up to him. He was talking to the girls in front of me about the last movie and how it will be the best one, but it is bittersweet because it is the end. (I’ve been saying the SAME thing!) He called me lovely and asked how I was doing and thanked me for coming and he also asked me if the autograph he did was ok LOL  I like how he also added “Draco” on the autograph – he didn’t on the girls in front of mine.

Next up was 12:45 for the photo-op.  Somehow I managed to be about the 5th person in line for the photos.  He had taken off a plaid shirt he had on before I got to him in the autograph line, but put it back on for the photos.  The room was SO hot, I got in there and he was fanning himself with his shirt and I was like “It is so hot in here!” and he just turns to me and goes “YOU’RE RIGHT!” and we took the photo and chatted a bit and he thanked me for coming down and I thanked him for being there and told him it was nice to meet him.

He was honestly so, so nice.  Not that I expected anything less.  I used to get teased in college because I had an I <3 Draco shirt that I would wear to classes and everyone would be “why do you like him? he’s so bad!” haha But Tom is absolutely wonderful and my favorite from the series so I was glad that I got to meet him first.  I am not sure that I’ll go back to this Con again – but I’d probably consider it long and hard if Ron Weasley was there… (he is my 2nd fave)

About an hour later I went back and my photo was ready and waiting – I thought it would come out pretty icky because we were both sweaty and gross, but the cameras were amazing and it doesn’t look too bad at all!

After that I decided to head home – all the waiting in line was just too much for me, but I am quite proud of how well I handled the situation – especially since waiting for all the VIP stuff separated me from my brother for most of the day.

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