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Music Monday: David Cook Criminals


David Cook’s latest single is “Criminals” off the forthcoming album “Digital Vein”. I may be biased, but I absolutely love the song! If you’re a fan of David and his sound then I don’t see why you wouldn’t absolutely love this song because it is just so very dcook.  I am also very much so looking forward to his new album which is set to be released September 18.  He will also be embarking on a tour in the fall and I am hoping that I will be able to make it to his show in Norfolk, CT at Infinity Hall!



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Music Monday: Roxanna

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Roxanna is a new artist that I just found out about!  In February she released a music video for her single “Close Your Eyes”

“I believe music can heal. I believe music can soothe. I believe music is the language of the heart and soul. I believe you can spin tragedy into beauty.”


Roxanna hails from Canada and is different from today’s artists because she has a Latin flair from a cultured background.  She has joined forces with Mark Portmann (Michael Buble, Barbara Streisand) and they have created a polished and luxurious rich sound.  “Close Your Eyes” is the first single from her album, Exotica, which was released on April 15.  In addition to romantic and flamenco influenced songs, the album will also feature new renditions of The Hollies 1972 hit song “The Air That I Breathe”, Julio Iglesias’ 1975 hit song “El Amor” and Lionel Richie’s 1984 smash hit, “Hello”.

Roxanna CYE

I have gotten the chance to listen to both “Hello” and “Close Your Eyes” and I have to say I am quite impressed.  It’s very hard to cover a song that was as popular as “Hello” as everyone has already in their head what they think the song should sound like based on Lionel’s version.  However, Roxanna’s version practically made me forget all about Lionel’s version.  It is a very refreshing new take on the song.  “Close Your Eyes” is a beautifully performed ballad that tells an emotional story.


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