Hanson Pittsburgh, PA 8/20/10 Shout It Out Tour

Before heading to the venue, we went to Station Square in Pittsburgh to the Hard Rock Cafe and to check things out. We had planned on getting to the venue a little late since it was seated and we could! Parking was a MESS.  Basically it was all on the street and the area was very hilly (which I am convinced that all of Pittsburgh is since people live in the side of the mountain it seems…)

We had thought we had 5th row but was surprised to see that it was actually 3rd row, right on the aisle.  I made my way in when Rooney was in the middle of their set – I know they performed Blueside, I can’t get enough and Shakin. I think I might have seen 1 or 2 other songs as well.  I had intended to go meet them after their set, but I had been feeling kind of funny all day and was so hot that I decided to just sit and get some “rest” in while I could.

Hanson seemed to come on to the stage relatively quickly, which was surprising. I think they came out at about 9:45.  I really had just one song I wanted to hear for the night (I like to get 1-2 songs in the setlist I had never heard live before, but since going to 5 of 5 and hearing all their album stuff it is becoming much harder for that to happen) which was Dancing In The Streets.  When we got through the first part of the set and the acoustic set and then they ended up singing “Hold On Im Coming” I thought we were doomed, but they did end up singing it!!

Some other highlights included – Taylor seemed like he was going to slip whenever he was on the actual stage and not the carpet under his piano.  One time I swear that he grabbed on the mic stand to catch himself.  They did “Change In My Life” completely acapella with no mics or anything since the venue was built for music and had great acoustics. It was amazing how quiet the crowd got and it was a very moving performance.  They also did “Save Me” which I think I had only heard two other times, so that was a nice surprise.  Taylor from Rooney came out and played for Oh Darling with them, and Zac said he was the evil Taylor, then Taylor (Hanson) said he thought that was him so Zac said Taylor (Rooney) was the good Taylor and then said that he was really confused.

The guys were all covered in sweat after the show, as was pretty much everyone in the audience.  The AC was definitely ON in the place but for some reason it was not really effective at all. (I was sweating like crazy from the moment I stepped into the seated area)

They had more merch available than at my last shows – so I was able to get the green camera shirt that I wanted so badly to get in MA.  They were sold out of the crazy bands though.

Of course the place had no problems with cameras, after I had made the decision to only bring my smaller camera for the trip.  Same thing happened in NJ, stupid wishy washy camera policy… but at least I did get some photos, which of course not being posted until Monday at the earliest.

Under the cut is the setlist for the evening!

1. Waiting for This/Watch Over Me/Rock N Roll Razorblade/In The City medley
2. Make It Out Alive
3. If Only
4. And I Waited
5. A Minute Without You
6. Penny and Me
7. Thinking of You
8. Hey
9. Carry You There

10. Madeline
11. Every Word I say
12. Change in My Life (acapella, no mics)

13. Save Me
14. Been There Before
15. Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
16. Hold On I’m Comin’
17. Where’s The Love
18. This Time Around
19. Voice in The Chorus
20. Oh! Darlin’
21. MMMBop
22. Give A Little
23. Dancin’ in the Street

24. Lost Without Each Other

Hanson South Shore Music Circus 7/24/10

Saturday we ventured around Hyannis to find the Ben & Jerrys where Taylor and Zac twitpic’d from.  We didn’t have much of a problem finding it, or finding parking on the street.  We also noticed there was a drum shop across the street and while we didn’t venture inside we did wonder if perhaps that is where they were headed when they spotted the Ben & Jerrys…

After that we were off to Chatham to meet up with Amber (whos apt we were staying at) for lunch at the resort she works for. Then we did some shopping and headed to Cohasset hoping to make it in time for the walk, but the GPS said we would be arriving at 3:15 and the walk was set to start at 3pm. But Hanson runs on Hanson time so we were hoping that perhaps they would be running late and we could still make it.

Unfortunately, we did not make it in time for the walk (but I was later informed that it was hot and went for more than the 1 mile, so we might have been better off missing it) but we did wait in the parking lot for all of the walkers to arrive and snapped some shots of the guys walking in and then the speech they gave at the end. (You can now text to match a donation if you want for the takethewalk campaign, which is pretty cool)

Since we had time to kill before doors we wandered around Cohasset looking for places to keep us busy.  We went to a book store, a grocery store and a Starbucks.  Then headed back to the venue and parked kind of near where the buses were and spotted Taylor and Zac going back and forth a few times.

We got in and saw that the merch had NOT been rotated, but got some Hanson crazy bands and stickers and waited to be let into the tent.  Just as we finished getting merch they allowed people into the tent and I got to go to my front row seat! (Cross that one off the life-list!)

Rooney once again opened, but they played an acoustic set.  I am pretty sure it was because the stage was too small to have both drumsets set up and Rooney’s keyboard.  Either way, it was nice to see Rooney in both electric and acoustic environments and I think they did both well.  The setlist was different than the previous night and I am not sure if this was because of the switch to acoustic (some songs don’t transition as well as others) or if they too are deciding to switch the setlist up every night.   Lead singer Rob mentioned the names of the songs before almost everything they sang, plus I could kind of see the set list so I am hoping that the list is somewhat accurate for this show.

Hanson once again had to go through the seats to get to the stage but tonight they had a TON of security blocking off people so they could get through (I don’t think they did this the night before, but I was not as close so I might be mistaken)  I was only 4 people away from the entrance to the stage! Once again they started with Waiting for This and went into the medley.  I wasn’t going to keep track of a setlist but then I decided I trusted myself more than anyone else so I did start to keep it.  Eventually I saw William’s setlist and was able to copy down a majority of it so that I was not on my phone during the beginning of every song typing it in.

As expected, they switched up the setlist a bit. (I thought they might have more since it seemed to be for the most part the same crowd, but thats ok)  They played Been There Before & Underneath which were not played the night before.  They also did a cover – which I did not see on William’s setlist (though someone on hanson.net said they saw it on someone’s setlist so I might have just not noticed it?) so it was quite a surprise for me – Zac did Oh Darling which is one of my favorites of the covers they do!  And the encore was Man From Milwaukee which was exciting as well.  Not sure what happened with that one but when the fans started singing I’m not sure Zac was ready to start yet, Isaac and William made a face at him and then I could barely hear him.  The second verse I heard him a lot better but I have no idea if it was a mic issue or if Zac was singing softly or what the heck was going on!  But being in the round you get to see more of that ‘behind the scenes’ interaction.

Before they left for the encore, Zac touched hands with the (teenies) next to me, but missed me.  I’ll admit  I was bummed.  Previously I had only gotten a handshake from Taylor before he left the stage. Actually that night he only touched my friend and I and then left!  But after the encore Zac came back and I had my hand out and ready so I got my hand touched by ALL 3 members of Hanson! It was exciting. I felt like I was 12 again lol.  Taylor barely got me and Isaac got me twice but it’s all good.

Being front row was awesome.  I had been front row for Hanson before, but only at general admission shows.  I had like 3 feet behind me because I was up at the barricade and so it wasn’t as hot with being crammed up against people – but the stage lights were on me so that made it hot.  I also saw that there were fans on stage and occasionally they would send out cool air on the sides, though not enough to really make a difference.  I was dripping in sweat lol   But if you are going to be front row – a rotating stage show is definitely the place to do it because you are in front of everyone at one point or another! If the stage didn’t rotate I’d have been blocked by Taylor’s piano the whole time.  It was also cool to see Zac from behind to watch everything that he does with his feet.  It was fascinating.

Tonight will be Hanson show #49 for me in New Jersey – I am looking forward to a full set without a curfew so here’s hoping that happens! (Doors are at 6:30 I think that is to compensate for a possible curfew – I think we were out by 11pm last time I saw them there)



Rooney’s Setlist:
Don’t Come Along Again
Stay Away
When Did Your Heart Go Missing
If It Were Up To Me
Can’t Get Enough

Hanson’s Setlist:
Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The City Medley
Make It Out Alive
Been There Before
And I Waited
If Only
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Thinking Bout Somethin

These Walls

Oh Darling
Carry You There
This Time Around
Give A Little
Minute Without You
Voice In The Chorus

Man From Milwaukee

Hanson Cape Cod Melody Tent 7/23/10

Friday night Hanson came back to the Cape Cod Melody Tent after not having played there since 2004. (The show in ’04 was on my birthday!)  It took us a while to get there because there was a fatal accident on the way to the cape. (So bad we had to drive on the grass in the middle of the north and south bound lanes to get around it!)

It was raining when we got to the venue, but we decided to take a peek at the merch anyway.  They didn’t have the shirt that I wanted so we decided we’d go check it out after the show if it wasn’t raining, or we’d just get stuff the next day at the show in Cohasset. (They are supposed to be rotating merch out at the shows since there is apparently a lot of it)

Mine and Christine’s seats were 4 rows from the stage (behind Zac before the rotating started) and Lauren had bought a seat a few rows behind us.

Rooney was on stage first. I had seen Rooney a couple of times before when they toured with the Jonas Brothers and enjoyed them.  It was exciting to see the stage start to rotate as the show started.  We weren’t sure if the stage was going to just move a bit after each song (like Honor Society’s stage did during the Jonas Brothers tour) or if it would continuously move throughout the show. It would go around in one direction for a couple of songs and then go back around the other way.  Their set got cut short – the drummer had started playing a song and the lead singer Rob told him a couple of times to stop and that the song had been cut.  Their set was something like 7 songs (I could see the setlist that the drummer had taped up and kept track of the songs, but once they started cutting things I got confused so I might have an extra one listed in there, I’m not sure!)

Then we had a 30 minute intermission before Hanson took the stage at about 9pm.  The cool thing about the venue was that they had to run through the crowd to get on to the stage. Except that it was POURING outside.  We saw a trail of umbrellas outside so we figured that was the section where they would be coming to the stage. (And had fun watching the steady stream of rain coming down in all the entrances to the tent and a guy with a broom pushing up on the tent to get the excess water off of it throughout the show)

Everyone was up and screaming as they entered the stage and they started the show with “Waiting For This” which is the song where “Shout It Out” is mentioned, which is their new album’s title.  Then they confused the heck out of me by doing a medley. They did the “na na na nas” from Watch Over Me, the chorus of Rock N Roll Razorblade and the chorus of In The City.  Then they went back into the “Shout it Out” call and response from Waiting For This.

The downside was, since I went to 5 of 5, there were no new songs that I hadn’t heard live before. (They played no covers!) But, I did get to hear the Shout It Out songs without horns – and to be honest I didn’t really miss them. Obviously they are a nice addition, but the songs can stand on their own live without them.

The setlist was really good – the previous show (first night of the tour) they hadn’t done any songs from Underneath – but Strong Enough To Break and Lost Without Each Other (one of my favorites) was added for Hyannis.

The show had to be cut short due to a curfew, Zac was in front of us and we could see Taylor mouth “NOT VOICE. DO LOST. NOT VOICE. LOST” so we knew that Voice In The Chorus got cut and they were going to sing Lost Without Each Other instead.

Then they left and came out a few minutes later for an encore.  They did Wheres The Love and Voice In The Chorus made its triumphant return to the setlist for the evening.

The rain had let up a bit when the concert was over, but it was so hot in that tent that the rain was good since it cooled us down a bit.

A couple of photos (cameras weren’t allowed, so I had to be sneaky) and setlists under the cut.

Rooney’s Setlist:

When Did Your Heart Go Missing
Holding On
Can’t Get Enough
I Should Have Been After You
Stars and Stripes

Hanson’s Setlist:
Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The City medley
Make It Out Alive
Minute Without You
And I Waited
If Only
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Thinking Bout Something

Strong Enough To Break
Me Myself and I

Carry You There
This Time Around
Give A Little
Lost Without Eachother

Where’s The Love
Voice In The Chorus

Jonas Brothers March 18


For this Jonas show I bought VIP tickets which included premium seats for the show (I was 6th row center), a signed program (I sold it to pay for summer tour tickets) and access to the sound check with the boys before the show.

Everything was incredibly unorganized, but we ended up about 3rd row for the sound check. They sang Hello Beautiful, Australia and then Joe said they were going to sing a new song and they did S.O.S. That boy really cracks himself up…

Then we went back outside and waited to be let in again for the actual concert! Valora and Rooney opened again.


Once again, Joe tried to crack some jokes and said their new CD was coming out in 2011. When no one laughed, he tried to get reassurance from Kevin by asking him “Kevin, wasn’t that a good one?” I don’t know Joe, probably not a good idea to joke about CD releases with fans who want the CD NOW.

The setlist was the same as at Bridgeport, except that they had 2 girls come on stage who had been contacting Oprah to get the boys on the show. They surprised them by telling them that they were going to be on Oprah and so were the girls! It was pretty cool.


Jonas Brothers March 16

This was my first Jonas show and I didn’t know what to expect. I imaged it would be something like seeing Hanson in 1998 on their Albertane Tour, and I was right.

I knew it was going to be packed because when I bought tickets I had 4 browsers open so I could pick the best tickets that came up. Only one of the browsers pulled up tickets! They were decent though, so for that I was glad.

It took me a while to get used to the teenyboppers. (and the screaming!) but once I did I really enjoyed myself and the guys put on a great show! I was totally exhausted after rocking out to their first song, Year 3000.


Year 3000
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
Take A Breath
New Song – Don’t Take My Heart And Put It On A Shelf
Pushing Me Away
That’s Just The Way We Roll
Take On Me
Still In Love With You
New Song 2 – Burning Up
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Hold On
A Little Bit Longer

The openers for this show were Valora and Rooney.


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