Jonas Brothers March 18


For this Jonas show I bought VIP tickets which included premium seats for the show (I was 6th row center), a signed program (I sold it to pay for summer tour tickets) and access to the sound check with the boys before the show.

Everything was incredibly unorganized, but we ended up about 3rd row for the sound check. They sang Hello Beautiful, Australia and then Joe said they were going to sing a new song and they did S.O.S. That boy really cracks himself up…

Then we went back outside and waited to be let in again for the actual concert! Valora and Rooney opened again.


Once again, Joe tried to crack some jokes and said their new CD was coming out in 2011. When no one laughed, he tried to get reassurance from Kevin by asking him “Kevin, wasn’t that a good one?” I don’t know Joe, probably not a good idea to joke about CD releases with fans who want the CD NOW.

The setlist was the same as at Bridgeport, except that they had 2 girls come on stage who had been contacting Oprah to get the boys on the show. They surprised them by telling them that they were going to be on Oprah and so were the girls! It was pretty cool.


Jonas Brothers March 16

This was my first Jonas show and I didn’t know what to expect. I imaged it would be something like seeing Hanson in 1998 on their Albertane Tour, and I was right.

I knew it was going to be packed because when I bought tickets I had 4 browsers open so I could pick the best tickets that came up. Only one of the browsers pulled up tickets! They were decent though, so for that I was glad.

It took me a while to get used to the teenyboppers. (and the screaming!) but once I did I really enjoyed myself and the guys put on a great show! I was totally exhausted after rocking out to their first song, Year 3000.


Year 3000
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
Take A Breath
New Song – Don’t Take My Heart And Put It On A Shelf
Pushing Me Away
That’s Just The Way We Roll
Take On Me
Still In Love With You
New Song 2 – Burning Up
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Hold On
A Little Bit Longer

The openers for this show were Valora and Rooney.


Spice Girls February 22

This concert I attended with my friend since birth, Lisa. We had tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in December of 07 and had to not go because we got one of the biggest snow storms and all of the roads to get to Hartford (where the concert was) ended up closed. Since somehow BSB managed to get to the venue (probably super early that day) they didn’t bother to cancel the show so we were out the $40+ we had paid on the tickets.

When the news was talking about another blizzard on February 22nd, we panicked. The Spice Girls tickets had cost us $100, so there was no way that we were going to just eat the cost of these tickets!

I was working from home, and in the middle of working lots of OT. (Why waste time commuting when you could be home working?) Lisa got the day off due to the snow. We decided come hell or high water we were making it to the show and left hours earlier than we normally would have to make sure we could take our time and still get there on time.

The great thing about this show was that there was no opening act! But the Spice Girls didn’t come on until 9pm. They played a bunch of songs and it was probably the most fun I had at a concert in a long time!

Spice Up Your Life
Say You’ll Be There
Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
Lady Is A Vamp
Too Much
2 Become 1
Who Do You Think You Are
Are You Gonna Go My Way (Mel B)
Maybe (Emma)
Viva Forever
It’s Raining Men (Geri)
I Turn To You (Melanie)
Let Love Lead The Way
Celebration/Dance and Shout/We Are Family
If U Can’t Dance
Spice Up Your Life

A highlight was when they threw stuffed animals on stage – Mel C told Geri she should be the rabbit because she was always FUCKING! At first I thought there was no way I had heard her right.. but one of the other girls said something like “Connecticut, look what you have done! You are making Melanie swear!” L.O.L


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