Wednesday night Gaelic Storm returned to The Kate in Old Saybrook, CT for the first time since February 13, 2020.  I did not attend the show in 2020, though I’m not entirely sure why, but later we found out that Pat went into the balcony and then jumped off the balcony and ended up breaking both of his legs. So I was quite surprised to see the Kate on their tour itinerary again and this time we decided that we weren’t going to miss the show.

The show was on a Wednesday night and unbeknownst to me, the town green, which is right next to the venue, hosts Wednesday night concerts. So there was absolutely no parking close by to be found. I ended up finding a spot a couple blocks away and making it to the venue. (Turns out my next show at The Kate is a Wednesday too so I’ll have to keep that in mind)  We entered just after 7 and the show started at about 7:30 with the Waterbury Police drum and bagpipes, which was pretty cool.  They played for about 10 to 15 minutes and then it was time for Gaelic Storm. Pat of course made a bunch of jokes about PTSD and being afraid to be back the venue and all that and threatening to jump off the balcony again, if someone was going to catch him. After every song, he told a little bit about the story of what happened after he left the venue and went to the hospital, having surgery and all of that.
Steve is still not with the band he’s out on medical leave and they have a young man named Parker who was filling in. He was a great opposite to Pat and I loved how he picked on him by playing different songs on his guitar to try and taunt him throughout the show.  Pat also kept saying that certain songs that were being yelled out weren’t on the set list and ended up saying that they were going to play Russell Crowe because of the requests. But after the show I got a set list and wouldn’t you know Russell Crowe was on there? I was supposed to be followed by Johnny Tarr which they ended up doing in the encore instead. I can’t remember if they switched out anything else from the setlist. But it was a really, really fun show. Gaelic Storm is always incredibly entertaining and I’m looking forward to getting to see them again!

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