Ruben and Clay Twenty Tour

Lately I have been trying to avoid shows that don’t fall during the weekend because it can be difficult to make work with my work schedule, however when the chance to see Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken from American Idol Season 2 on a Monday night arose, I took it.  As luck would have it, work was pretty hectic and I had to actually go into the office for most of the morning but we ended up making it to the show with time to spare to grab some dinner (at the appropriately named El Idolo).

The show ended up being the most fun I’ve had at a show maybe all year so far! They did a lot of the song that they had sung on the show and talked about some of their experiences while on the show and pointed out that Julia DeMato who was also in the top with them and from CT was in attendance.  (And Clay commented that the seats they got her were not so great and told her she could move up closer if she wanted as there were some open seats up front)

The best surprise of the night was when Ruben was making fun of Clay’s dancing (mimicking a woman in the crowd) and had him sing wake me up before you go go as that is the song his dancing is best suited for, which ended up going into a boyband medley!

Even though the show seemed to be quite scripted and teleprompters were in use, it was so much fun and I am glad that I was able to make it work.  I just wish that trying to find the setlist the next day didn’t result in the death of my computer (which is part of the reason why this ended up being so late and so short)

Clay Aiken Setlist Wall Street Theater, Norwalk, CT, USA 2023, Twenty

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