Wednesday night I made my way to the Kate for a show I initially was considering not going to because it would have been back to back with Gaelic Storm. At some point I ended up seeing that there was still decent seats left, “yolo’ed” and bought one in the second row. While it made for a busy week, she was even more amazing than the last time I saw her and I’m glad I made the trek.

She did a mix of originals and jazzy covers and quickly won the audience over. She seemed to enjoy the crowds energy and was sad to end the show. (Though I was glad it was an early one as I made it home by 10!)  There was a mix of originals and covers and I have to say my favorite was “I Put a Spell on You” she told us that the spell she put on us was that we’d all come see her again whenever she comes back, which I will certainly be trying to do!

After the show, I ended up riding the elevator with an older couple who first were saying “wow wasn’t that something” and I agreed, she was amazing.  After they asked me if she was from American Idol or The Voice as they watch both and couldn’t remember.  I told them American Idol. Then they said “and she didn’t win?” “No she only came in third”  They were mad.  As I have been since that season aired! 

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  1. I went to 5 of her “Off The Ground Tour” Fall 2022 Shows thru the Midwest and just finished my 3rd show of this Spring Tour of 31 cities in the south and east in Albany. In May she has a West Coast tour coming up. You are welcome to join of 5,500 fan group on Facebook called HALIENation. I just shared your blog review there.

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