The Girl in the Cabin is the 3rd book in the Lucy Kendall Crime Thriller series.  This book is a continuation from 1 and 2 and if you’ve made it this far, you’ll end up hooked like me.  In this book, Lucy’s friend has gone missing and she has reason to believe he has gone after the serial killer that has been part of the sub plot in books 1 and 2.  This time, she’s determined to find her and her friend, before it is too late.  But her reputation precedes her and while the law enforcement assigned to the case appreciate her insight and help, they warn her not to go off on her own and investigate.  She promises, but can she keep it?    These books are absolutely impossible to put down and I love all the twists and turns they take.  I still have one more left to read and while I’m hoping there won’t be another cliffhanger at the end – I’m also not sure what I’ll do with myself once I am done!  Lucy is sort of like a female Dexter. And I absolutely love her, even though I often times don’t know if I should be rooting for her or not.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

She can stop the killing. But at what price?

When the body of a sixteen-year-old girl is found in a remote hunting cabin in the middle of the snowy Maryland woods, a shiver runs down Private Investigator Lucy Kendall’s spine. The handprints around her neck, her broken bones, and the incense left burning at the scene are vital clues to who committed this terrible crime—Mary Weston, a notorious serial killer. She has outwitted the police for many years and left many parents without daughters. Is the girl in the cabin a sign she is killing again?

Working closely with the police, Lucy is determined to catch this evil woman. But when the bodies of three other teenage girls are found in remote locations, it’s almost like Mary is toying with them. Lucy is determined to bring her to justice before more innocent lives are snuffed out.

But then Mary’s son Chris—one of Lucy’s closest friends—disappears. Lucy is convinced Mary is responsible, and she will do anything to find him. So when Mary sends Lucy a message asking to meet her alone, Lucy knows that she must face her darkest fears and risk her own life. She is the only person who can stop Mary. But what will she need to sacrifice?

You won’t want to stop turning the pages of this unputdownable crime thriller. Fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni, and Kendra Elliot will be reading The Girl in the Cabin late into the night.

***Previously published as Gone to Die.***

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