October 7, 2022

Book Review: I was a Teen Rock Star!

I Was A Teen RockStar was a quick read and a bit of a roller coaster! Lanre is living with his aunt and wants to be a musician.  The book tells you to alway follow you dreams but also shows a bit of what can happen even if you do follow your dreams and they seem to come true – everything is not always what it seems.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Sixteen year old Lanre Bandele finds solace in his music and dreams of being professional musician. Can dreams come true? Maybe.

An unexpected opportunity arrives and his journey takes him on an unforgettable experience. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and filled with rhythm and colourful characters, this contemporary Nigerian story is about a teenager, his love for music and above all growing up.

Stephen Kellogg at the Wolfs Den

Friday night Stephen Kellogg and his band returned to the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun to kick off the Keep It Up Kid tour.  The Wolf Den is a first come, first served general admission venue in the middle of the casino. You are allowed to line up starting 3 hours before the show – so for an 8pm start, 5pm.  I ended up getting there just a little after 5 and no one was in line at all. Stephen was doing soundcheck, so I sat at a nearby slot machine and watched soundcheck for about an hour. After a couple others started the line, I hopped in and we were let in shortly after.  Initially there was only about 10 people inside, but slowly the crowd grew.  The floor was all open for dancing and once the show started some people made their way down there but no one was right up against the stage until Stephen said for the encore they should make it feel like a concert and move up.

I was surprised that Stephen started his set with Thanksgiving, it’s long and not one of my favorites but I seem to be in the minority there.  The rest of the set was a nice variety with some new off his upcoming album (that technically is out already if you visit the kellogg family store) that is due out in December and a mix of older tunes as well.  I was really happy for “My Favorite Place” which is one of my favorites and the encore of Big Easy and See You Later See You Soon with dancing and a sing-a-long was just what I needed!

With no big show in the arena the casino was almost like a ghost town which meant I could finally get to Krispy Kreme post show without the line being down the entire hallway! Kind of a surprise for a Friday night.


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