Friday September 16 the Pop 2000 made a stop in Stamford at the Palace Theater.  Before the show we did VIP with O-Town which got us into their soundcheck.  Usually they do the real soundcheck first and then kind of mess around with VIP but as they had a late arrival to the venue it was a legit soundcheck and some chit chat as well.  After soundcheck it was time for photos and we hopped to the front of the line because we were also doing VIP with Chris Kirkpatrick.  He did a Q&A chat session before photos and autographs.

Ryan Cabrera opened the show and had a drummer with him this time (past times when I saw him it was just him and his guitar)

Then it was time for Chris to take the stage to introduce O-Town!  We had front row for the show and I was very happy to have a monitor in front of me so I could stand and not feel like they were going to be stepping on me the whole time.  Brad from LFO joined them for a medley to honor both Rich and Devin and I was surprised how I managed to still know every word and I honestly can’t even tell you when I last listened to any of their stuff…

The show was so much fun and high energy and ended with Chris joining O-Town for Bye Bye Bye and Dirty Pop.

We’ve now seen Pop 2k with both Lance and Chris and well, we all know who I’m looking to see host next…

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