I’m always looking for new languages to learn, especially ones that might come up in my line of work – and C# is one I used to continually get asked if I knew, and I always had to say no.  Not that I will become an expert by any means after reading this book, but having some more background on it is certainly a step in the right direction! This book is designed to be a quick and easy guide for computer science students – so if you have 0 experience with programming and dot net development, you might not want to start here. (Or at the very least teach yourself strings, loops, if/else on your own before jumping in. These are pretty simple concepts and I’m sure YouTube has some great intro videos out there.)  The first part of the book is on hardware, which the intro said you can skip and come back to.  Since I am working as a software engineer, I skimmed it to make sure it was all things I already knew before moving on.

The rest of the book contained a lot of code and I think it would have been better if I had a project to build and follow along with, but it definitely was a quick read and learn.  I’m not sure in the end that C# is something I want to pursue, but I liked how this book was put together and I’m sure it would be helpful to many CS students!

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

If you need a quick and easy yet comprehensive book on C# programming, then we believe this is it.

No previous programming experience is required, because the book aims to teach you all the necessary things you’d want to know. We start with visually engaging explanations of how the computer actually works and you’ll have a great time flying through the book reading about bits, how things are implemented in hardware, what a computer memory is anyway and clear and practical explanations of object-oriented programming in C#.

We did our best to make sure the reader really gets it and provided some real-world code examples. You’ll be learning about classes, generics, inheritance, interfaces, delegates and events and why you would actually need them. To complement your learning with practical projects, you’ll build a fully functional game, and a registering system web application that IT companies would want you to do as a test job while applying.

Along the way you’ll be exposed to many other interesting and useful bits and pieces of code you wish you had been shown before. Why not take the leap of faith and see for ye self!

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