The beginning of 2021 was definitely a lot more virtual shows, with a few other sprinkled in.  While I was happy to be back to shows in person, being able to watch from bed did spoil me a bit…  As far as in person shows, I like to try and get a concert a month in and while I didn’t do it completely in person, I was able to make it happen combined with virtual.  I’m not sure how that streak will hold up for 2022 as I’m still not in a big rush o go to many shows, but we’ll see what I can pull off.

Since I’m trying to combine – virtual will be the first numbers and in-person the second.

Most expensive show:
Kris Allen & David Cook from London was $24
Jonas Brothers at almost $500 for a “Citi Presale” ticket I am pretty sure was Ticketmaster Platinum in disguise.

Least (not free) expensive show:
Hanson was $11.50 for the MON/TTA shows
Stephen Kellogg at the Kate was $36

Free shows:
Hanson’s BTTI streams were free, there was 2.
None of my in person shows were free (how rude)

# artists seen: 17+ / 28
# unique artists seen: 6+ one show was a compilation and I didn’t keep track / 10
# shows seen in CT: All Virtual / 9 in person
# of shows out of state: 2 / 12

Show farthest away: I watched Matt Nathanson while in Arkansas / Oklahoma for in person
Closest show: All the ones from bed / Wallingford, CT
$$ spent on tickets: $165 / $1593
Miles traveled: I’m calling it 0 / 18,296

Top 6 shows of the year?
Kris & David from London was probably my favorite.  The O-Town ones were also very fun because I haven’t seen them in FOREVER.
Hanson TTA Acoustic, Kris w/ the symphony were probably my tops,  although for a while there after every show I was like “THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!”

Total number of shows in 2021? 15 virtual shows / 21 in person

First show of the year? Hanson / Hanson

First show with actual tickets: N/A  / Stephen Kellogg at the Kate

Last show of the year? Matt Nathanson / Stephen Kellogg at FTC

Most surprising show? I liked them all but nothing was really out of the ordinary / Alice Cooper

Most disappointing? None / Still the canceled and postponed ones and the one I had to miss because I was sick (not covid)

Farthest traveled? None / I think Oklahoma

States attended shows in? CT & AR for virtual / CT, OK, NY, AR for in person

Venue most visited? My bed / Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa

Band seen the most? Hanson then O-Town / Hanson

Best new discovery? I mostly stuck with what I knew / Carrie Welling opening for David Cook 

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year? None

Friends made at shows? The floppy bunny that lives in my bed was still my virtual concert BFF. / None

Band members met? No Zoom M&Gs this year / Hanson, Stephen Kellogg, Kris Allen, Jon McLaughlin

Best souvenir from a show? None 

Longest time in line? None / I don’t remember waiting for any of them too long – maybe like 30 mins before the Hanson ones.

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]– Technically all, I guess. / AJR, sort of. Hanson at Cain’s this summer.

Most shows in one month? 

January – 5 / 0
February – 2 / 0
March – 1 / 0
April – 1 / 0
May – 1 / 2
June – 0 / 1
July – 2 / 0
August – 0 / 4
September – 0 / 7
October – 1 / 2
November –0 / 2
December – 2 / 3

Most shows in one week? The Hanson January shows was 3.  / Any of the OK trips was 2. AR was 2. 

Biggest crowd? Probably the Hanson shows  / Alanis & Jonas 

Any drunk encounters? Definitely not! lol one major perk to watching by yourself from the safety of your own bed.  / None in person either, phew!

Missed shows:

Hanson’s Back to the Island in January was postponed.
David Cook was postponed but happened later
The Hop Jam was postponed.
David Archuleta was postponed to 2022
Mandy Moore was postponed to 2022
Backstreet Boys was postponed to 2022.
Jason Mraz was canceled (due to hurricane)
I skipped Eric Hutchinson due to being sick
I sold Harry Styles due to not being ready to be at the casino.

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