Cross-Stitch is something I liked doing as a kid, but I never really “graduated” to being able to do designs that weren’t already printed out for me.  Since having so much more free time over the past year or so, it’s something I’ve considered coming back to, so I figured I’d check out this book to see if it gave me any inspiration.  It starts out by showing you how to do some of the stitches that will be featured in the book and has 30 patterns starting with beginner. (I’m listening…)

I have to say that these designs are all awesome and very positive, but I still feel like they may be a bit over my head.  It may be time for me to smart small and circle back to some of these later (I really love all the ones about dreaming big!)

I also liked seeing the different alphabets that are available! Different “fonts” so to speak. Again, not sure I am ready for this but anyone more advanced than me would surely enjoy the instructions included in this book!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

The 30 cross-stitch designs in Gail Bussi’s signature hand-lettering style will encourage mindful, relaxing stitching and are easy enough for beginners. Create personalized designs with alphabets provided. Each project includes chart, finished photo, materials list, and full instructions.

Gail Bussi has had her cross-stitch designs published in all of the major needlework magazines in the UK, US, and France, and is the author of several needlework books. Her images and artwork have also been made into greeting cards and other items. After suffering personal trauma, she stopped creating for a time, but has recently found healing through the power of stitching meaningful words in her designs and finding peace in the stitching itself. With this book, she seeks to share this power with others.

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