I’m not saying for sure my mother is narcissistic, but dang if things aren’t toxic right now.  In looking for ways to help cope, understand, get my point across, I came across the book “You’re not Crazy, it’s your mother” and decided to check it out.  I was immediately drawn in just by the foreward of the book – “The information in this book will give you freedom in a way you can’t even imagine right now. The exact shape of this freedom will be down to you. This book does not impose any decisions. Rather, it gives you information, perspective and opinions to allow you to choose your own freedom.  Know this too: You are not broken and in need of fixing. You are, rather, wounded and in need of healing.”  It is also worth noting that this book doesn’t need to just be for the Mother/Daughter dynamic and can be helpful for any parent/child dynamic.

For anyone else that may be going through this – say it with me – You are not crazy. You are perfectly sane. Your perceptions are valid and right. You can trust your own reality. Some days this is much, much easier said than done, but I am hoping what I have learned in this book will help me confront, understand and heal from this toxic bullshit that has been going on since last year. (And perhaps my whole life, but it’s only magnified itself recently.)  This book also helped explain why I may have some of the anxiety issues that I have. Still working through getting those under control, but understanding where they may have stemmed from has been helpful.

The book ends with some tapping techniques I’ll certainly be trying out to see if they can help.  I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

A comprehensively revised and expanded new edition of Danu Morrigan’s #1 bestselling book, which has helped tens of thousands of daughters of narcissistic mothers around the world.

Do you find yourself emotionally bruised, upset and confused after being in touch with your mother? Do you somehow feel like you’re not a real person in her company? If so, you are far from alone. Millions of daughters experience the same hall-of-mirrors dizziness. Many of them have come to the conclusion that their mother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and that explains all that they have suffered. This book explores this – maybe it will resonate for you the same way and make you feel understood and validated as never before.

This new edition includes a wealth of new insight and understanding learned by Danu over the last ten years, including: Clarity about escaping the toxic dynamic, through The Four Steps to Freedom; managing our fear of regretting our decisions; how Stories steer us without us realising; the NM’s performative kindness and performative love; overcoming the trap of The Silent Treatment; distinguishing narcissistic ‘niceness’ from genuine decency; how to recognise, get, and contribute to healthy relationships.

Danu Morrigan lives in Ireland and runs the phenomenally popular website daughtersofnarcissisticmothers.com. She has also written Dear Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother and To the Unloved Daughter.

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