I was hopeful about this book, a satirical story about a female running for president after there being a scandal with the other candidate and blackface.  But I just couldn’t make it through.  I forced myself to read half of it, but it seems like it all went over my head.  It seems to have great reviews on GoodReads but for me it was a DNF.

I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

New satire lampoons American politicians

In a world roiled by political scandals, Patty wants the presidency—and young Jack too.

A satirical portrayal of American political decadence, The Cougar Candidate depicts a bumbling politician struggling to hide her darkest secret as she strives for the world’s most powerful job.

Five years after her shocking re-election defeat, ex-governor Patty Pitypander is still sulking in her California mansion, bingeing on romance novels, and ogling her pool boy, when she is urgently drafted to run for president.

Setting her hurt feelings aside to save America, Patty takes on her rival’s smear tactics, a global plot to entrap her worthless billionaire husband, and the most dangerous foe of all: her special fondness for young men.

When a naïve rookie reporter pursues rumors of a scandal in Patty’s past, he quite unintentionally arouses her desire. The closer he gets to uncovering her sordid misdeeds, the more madly infatuated she becomes, even as she schemes to thwart his search.

The crafty heroine of Patty’s novels appears in a vision, claiming to be an expert on young men. Prodded into action, the befuddled pol risks her lifelong dream of winning the White House, waging two hopelessly entangled campaigns—one for power, the other for passion.

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