The Unicorn DIetTrigger Warning – this book is probably not for you if you have an eating disorder or disordered habits.

This book begins with “An Ode to Diet Landia” that mentions beaver’s anal glands and I am immediately wondering what I have gotten myself into.  A few more pages in of disgusting toilet humor and I knew I found a book I would enjoy. I have been dieting lately, I mainly just track my calories and try to eat less than I would of things that I like and not try any sort of “fad” diet. This book agrees with that – to a point – the fad diets don’t work and depriving yourself or forcing yourself to only eat cabbage all the time won’t work long term.  But knowing all the ins and outs of food and how your body reacts to them can be super boring.  Fortunately, the author agrees with me there too so the book is written in such a way that the important things are all bolded already (no highlighter required) and it isn’t just massive walls of text, there are photos throughout as well!

Since I am trying to lose weight without really “dieting”, I figured I would find some tips within this book – and I was right.  These tips I pulled out may work for you too, but if they don’t, check out the book to see other things that may speak to you and your eating habits more directly. Some problems I realized I was having was I need to follow “don’t exercise to eat”, I tend to eat more candy then I should and then try to bike off those calories. It makes an unhealthy relationship with eating an exercising so I need to stop that.  I also need to track everything. The author comments even gummy vitamins and supplements.  I have not been doing this and I’ve also not been tracking condiments. I never realized how quickly those could add up until it was all laid out for me.  I also had to cry a little at the realization that I need to measure out the spoon of peanut butter I want and a spoon of the recommended serving, “compare them and then cry a little.”  (I am glad I am not the only one who has trouble with nut butters).  The book also opened my eyes to figure out WHY I eat – because I am bored and the food is right there? or because I am hungry?  Seriously even advice from Island Now is something that helped me get to where I wanted to be without even being there when it came to my weight loss supplements and my diet. While I groaned at the list of homework at the end of the book, I’ll start looking into doing it soon because in the end, I am only hurting myself.

If you are looking at a new way to lose weight – a smarter way to lose weight – definitely look into the Unicorn diet.  It will teach you more about carbs, calories, proteins and how much you should be consuming. It will also ask you to take a look at your current diet and see what changes you should be making to your eating lifestyle.  While all this content could be super boring and sciencey, this author presents everything in a very fun way, complete with poop jokes.

I received a free ecopy of this book from Reedsy Discovery in order to write this review.

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