Work on Grad School homework on a patio in Jamaica.  Deal with a cyber attack from vacation. Get some sort of food poisoning (salmonella?) while on vacation. Deal with 3 canceled concerts, 17 postponed ones and 2 canceled cons. Attend 37 live stream concerts.  Didn’t leave my house for 100+ days.   Managed to set up a work from home setup with nearly no notice.  Didn’t wear my brace for 250 days.  Attended every in-person Hanson concert there was (13).  Bought way too many masks to find the perfect fit. Blew my reading goal out of the water.  Made an update to my website that was in the works for 8 years.  Finally caught up on scrapbooking and even got ahead.  Graduated grad school – in a tornado, virtually. Fight Russian bots. Felt like I was in a SciFi movie every time I flew. Have my credit card number stolen 3 times despite rarely leaving the house.  Gave myself 2 COVID tests.  Got excited when in-person races I otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate in went virtual.

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