With this year being so weird for concerts, I started to keep track of virtual shows I went to, which I typically didn’t do in years past.  (I’ll continue to keep track in 2021 as well until things hopefully get back to normal, then I’ll stop including them as they will hopefully go back to being few and far between again.)  I was surprised to see that I had spent almost $600 on virtual concert tickets this year – especially when I was doing “pay what you can” on StageIt and paying $5-$10 there.  But I did go to quite a few – a number that made a bit more sense to me for a total for a year – 37. (So 52 for the year, which is about average for me when you add on in person) Including virtual concerts also helps me keep my streak alive of 1 concert per month – which started in January of 2009.

Most expensive show: Stephen Kellogg + M&G was about $55 [it was supposed to be in person when I bought tickets, but switched to virtual]

Least (not free) expensive show: I did a few “pay what you can” tickets to StageIt for $5

Free shows: I only did a couple free streams this year – Kris Allen and Stephen Kellogg (x2?)

# artists seen: 37
# unique artists seen: 5, but no one new.
# shows seen in CT: Technically all were most likely from my bed
# of shows out of state: None (Though I did watch the Hanson stream repeats in OK, I don’t have those listed in my spreadsheet as I was there in person, too.)

Show farthest away: None
Closest show: All
$$ spent on tickets: ~$600 [Damn!]
Miles traveled: 0

Top 6 shows of the year? Very hard to rank these.

Total number of shows in 2020? I did 37 virtual shows

First show of the year? Jon McLaughlin

First show with actual tickets: None

Last show of the year? David Cook

Most surprising show? It was surprising how much I ended up enjoying all of  them, honestly. And I really liked when the setlists were themed.

Most disappointing? None

Farthest traveled? None

States attended shows in? All CT. In bed.

Venue most visited? My bed.

Band seen the most? Since I seemed to see the same guys over and over let’s break it down:

Jon McLaughlin – 12
Stephen Kellogg – 12
David Cook – 7
Kris Allen – 3
Matt Nathanson – 2

Best new discovery? I mostly stuck with what I knew this year 

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year? None

Friends made at shows? The floppy bunny that lives in my bed.

Band members met? I did 1 zoom M&G with Stephen Kellogg – I had bought M&G thinking it would be in person but they did pretty well converting everything to virtual.

Best souvenir from a show? None 

Longest time in line? None 

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]– Technically all, I guess.

Most shows in one month? 

March – 1
April – 9
May – 6
June – 5
July – 1
August – 3
September – 3
October – 5
November – 1
December – 4

Most shows in one week? Probably some of the April shows 

Biggest crowd? I have no idea, for me they were all crowd of 1

Any drunk encounters? Definitely not! lol one major perk to watching by yourself from the safety of your own bed.

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