2020 stunk for concerts, at least in person.  I somehow managed to do every Hanson show they did (appropriately 13 by my count but 16 for others) and I think my list of who I saw in concert more accurately represents what people think I do concert wise.  In normal years I typically go to 2 non-Hanson shows for every 1 Hanson and that was not the case this year.  The only 2 non Hanson shows were the special guests at their Back to the Island Event and the extra night from the band who did the event before them. So still, Hanson adjacent.  I ended the year with a total of 660 shows attended, 229 of which have been Hanson.

Most expensive show:  Back to the Island

Least (not free) expensive show: Basically all the other shows I did were about the same price and pretty much every show was Hanson… so yeah.

Free shows: None

# artists seen: 17
# unique artists seen: 2
# shows seen in CT: 0
# of shows out of state: 15

Show farthest away: Jamaica is slightly further than OK
Closest show: Oklahoma. LOL!
$$ spent on tickets: $4200
Miles traveled: 13,700

Top 6 shows of the year? I only went to 15. Hard to pick, especially since the Hanson ones were similar.

Total number of shows in 2020? 15

First show of the year? Anders Osborne & Vince Herman at Ramble on the Island before BTTI kicked off

First show with actual tickets: NO shows had actual tickets this year.

Last show of the year? Hanson in Tulsa

Most surprising show? All the Hanson shows to finish out the year in Tulsa

Most disappointing? All the canceled and postponed ones, even though it was for good reason.

Farthest traveled? To Jamaica

States attended shows in? OK & Jamaica

Venue most visited? Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa

Band seen the most? Hanson – I saw *every* show they did in 2020.

Best new discovery? None 

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year? None

Friends made at shows? None – stay 6 ft away!

Band members met? Hanson

Best souvenir from a show? Not sure I got anything this year 

Longest time in line? Like 30 mins

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]– Some of the Hanson shows at Cain’s.

Most shows in one month? 

January – 2
February – 4
October – 3
November – 3
December – 3

Most shows in one week? BTTI was 6 shows 

Biggest crowd? BTTI

Any drunk encounters? I don’t think so!