Fixer by Sally VedrosThe book begins and we meet Meghan, who has just been let go from her job and is starting a new relationship with Diego. Diego is a software developer and is really into Meghan and helps her get a job at his company. But Diego and his best friend from college, Kari, have been spending almost every moment of free time they have working on their own tech start up app. Kari’s girlfriend, Kira (yeah, that’s not confusing at ALL to keep up with throughout the book!) lends at hand at times as does another one of Diego’s friends, Ravi. They all need to decide if they want to be “all in” on this company and if they believe in this concept and that it will solve a lot of life’s problems. We get a background of all of the characters to help find out what grounds them and what other conflicts they may have in leaving their day jobs behind and taking a leap of faith with what Diego and Kari are trying to put together.

I found this book to be a quick read, and I quickly felt attached to all of the characters, even if some of them were a bit annoying at times. I’m always interested in reading fiction about tech and startups and the likes because as a software engineer myself, I’m always interested to see how in depth descriptions of things go. I thought that this book had a good balance in not having information that would go over most people’s heads, but still efficiently explained everything that was going on with these friends, their lives and the project they were all trying to get off the ground. So even if you are not as tech savvy as I may be, this book is still a good quick read that will probably leave you thinking about yourself, how you use your free time and your relationship with your friends and family. It is almost 6 stories in one – the main plot of them dealing with Silicon Valley and getting this start up going and then each of the sub plots of the life of each of our friends.

I received a free copy of this book to review as part of Reedsy Discovery!

About the Book

Diego is a software developer and solver of life problems. After graduating from Stanford, he sets out to build the ultimate life hack that could forever change the way we live. Diego’s bold vision inspires four friends to join him, but as they build their startup, real life bites back, and each must make tough choices to commit to his or her own ambitions. Learn more at:

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