COVID concert update

The end of March I gave an update on my upcoming concerts – or lack thereof.  Things have just gotten worse since then as the number of people allowed to gather together inside is not enough to allow for an indoor concert and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future if cases continue to spike. (Wear a mask!)

  1. March 11 – John K radio show – canceled due to health concerns the afternoon of the show
  2. March 28 – Mandy Moore – postponed, date TBD
  3. April 2 – BBMak – rescheduled to October 2020
  4. April 4 – Dashboard Confessional – postponed to November – canceled after Chris’ accident, waiting on refund
  5. April 18 – Stephen Kellogg – went virtual and became an * in my stats
  6. April 19 – Stephen Kellogg – went virtual and became an * in my stats (Will count for 2020 yearly count, but not overall as I don’t count virtual)
  7. April 28 – David Archuleta – postponed, most likely to May 2021
  8. April 30 – Eric Hutchinson – postponed, date TBD
  9. May 1 – Niall Horan – canceled, refund received.
  10. May 10 – Ben Folds – postponed, date TBD
  11. May 15 – Hanson – postponed to 2021
  12. May 16 – Hanson – postponed to 2021
  13. May 17 – Hop Jam – postponed to 2021
  14. June 11 – Stephen Kellogg – show got pushed to August, still not sure it’ll end up happening
  15. June 27 – Alanis Morissette – postponed to August 2021
  16. June 28 – David Cook – pushed to October 2020
  17. July 12 – Harry Styles – postponed to October 2021
  18. July 18 – Backstreet Boys – postponed to July 2021
  19. August 20 – Stephen Kellogg – rescheduled from June *fingers crossed*
  20. October 15 – rescheduled from April *fingers crossed*
  21. October 23 – rescheduled from June *fingers crossed*

With all the free time, I managed to get 100% on my Capstone research paper (that came in right on target at 15 pages), I have finished all my concert scrapbook pages AND created pages for all the upcoming shows (some of which turned into cancelled show pages) that are “one offs” (ie not Hanson in Tulsa or Jamaica, but I expect outlines for those pages will be coming soon) and I have just about 13 more baseball games to scrap (I hadn’t done any since I think 2016…) and I will be totally caught up on scrapbooking past events.  This is a bit of a shock as I am usually just about a year behind on scrapbooking.  And now I’ll be AHEAD with the pre-made pages for the postponed shows.  I’ll continue to showcase these pages on Saturdays until I run out of content!


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