Fear Of Missing out – or FOMO is when you do something simply because you are afraid of what you may miss out on.  This book gives you some practical decision making on how to decide if you really want to go or not and be able to find the courage to miss out on some things.  In addition to FOMO it also focuses on FOBO – Fear of Better Options.  Instead of FOMO you may want JOMO – the JOY of missing out. (Which I sometimes get too!)  There are a few quizzes throughout the book but it basically told me what I already knew – I definitely have FOMO and I also have digital overload. Some suggestions included ‘KonMari Your Mind’ and remove clutter much like you would to your home.  FOMO is definitely something I need to work on and this book helped me figure out some ways to make decisions that aren’t as based on FOMO or FOBO or JOMO!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

We make tens of thousands of decisions a day. Some impulsive, some logical, and some complex and paralyzing. Compounded with our “always on” society, the pressures and stresses wrought by endless access to yet another option or possibility can create an endless loop of indecision and unease.

Patrick McGinnis has the scientific secrets to make any decision simple—while simultaneously eliminating your stress. Living decisively doesn’t happen overnight, but through focus, conviction, and relishing in your choices, you can begin to live happily with every decision you make

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