This book is a posthumous ‘interview’ with Isaac Newton, one if history’s greatest minds.  The content is drawn from views that he had expressed, but are otherwise purely imaginary conversations.  Something about how this book came together sparked my interest and made me want to check it out. The interviews are “believed” to haven taken place near the end of his life. It’s definitely a much different approach to a biography and was a lot quicker and easy to read since it is in conversational form!  I really liked it – and it even gave you a list of some further readings to check out if once you were done you decided you needed to find out more!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I wasn’t otherwise compensated.


About the Book

Imagined by one of the world’s foremost Newton scholars, this fictionalized conversation presents the essential biography of one of the greatest scientific minds of all time

Isaac Newton’s influence on our world is immense. He formulated the theory of gravity, devised a radical new theory of light and created a calculus that would revolutionize mathematics. His theory of matter in motion sparked the Industrial Revolution. But there was far more to Newton even than these great discoveries.

Opening with an informative foreword by the bestselling author of The Body Bill Bryson, the book is then divided into two parts: a biographical essay that provides a concise overview of Newton’s life, upbringing, education and achievements; and a Q&A dialogue based on rigorous research and incorporating Newton’s actual spoken or written words whenever possible. Biographer Michael White brings Newton to life through detailed research and giving Newton a free voice to tell you about his unorthodox upbringing, his eminent political career, his bitter feuds with rivals and his secret explorations of the occult.

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