Most expensive show:
Other than BTTI – Justin Timberlake

Least (not free) expensive show:
Red Hot Chilli Pipers at the Highland Games came in at $25

Free shows:
Brian McKnight, Gaelic Storm, 2Cellos, Parachute, Hanson, The Hop Jam, Gavin DeGraw, Ben Folds

# artists seen: 111
# unique artists seen: 43
# shows seen in CT: 23
# of shows out of state: 36

Show farthest away: Hanson in Australia
Closest show: All the shows in Fairfield. (Matt Nathanson, Parachute, Gaelic Storm, Stephen Kellogg)
$$ spent on tickets: $6,582
Miles traveled: 62,189

Top 6 shows of the year?

Hanson Sydney Opera House
SPARC Live:Art
Robbie Williams
Paul McCartney
Hanson in Indiana
John Mayer

Total number of shows in 2019? 59

First show of the year? Brian McKnight

First show with actual tickets: Brian McKnight

Last show of the year? Stephen Kellogg

Most surprising show? 2Cellos

Most disappointing? None are really standing out.

Farthest traveled? Australia for Hanson.

States attended shows in? CT, OK, VA, MA, NV, MN, RI, NY, DE, MD, NH, HI, NJ, IN, TX, Jamaica, Australia

Venue most visited? Mohegan Sun Arena

Band seen the most? Hanson at 27 times

Best new discovery? hmm. No real new standouts.

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year? I don’t think any.

Friends made at shows? Nah. Do I ever?

Band members met? Hanson, Gaelic Storm, Matt Nathanson, Jon McLaughlin, Parachute, David Cook, Kris Allen, Haley Reinhart, Mat Kearney, Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson.

Best souvenir from a show? Parachute foam finger

Longest time in line? Hanson in Hawaii maybe?

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]– Hanson, David Cook, Jonny Lang, Kris Allen

Most shows in one month?

January – 4
February –  5
March – 8
April – 3
May – 7
June – 6
July – 4
August – 5
September – 3
October – 6
November – 1
December – 7

March wins!

Most shows in one week? Hanson March 1-9 in Australia

Biggest crowd? Basilica Block Party I think or maybe Hop Jam. Those were the two big outside events

Any drunk encounters? I had beer dumped on me at TWO shows this year.  Hoping that doesn’t become a trend.

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