September 9 the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, went to RJ Julia in Madison, CT to sign copies of their latest children’s book. Each book purchased allowed up to 4 family members to meet the brothers, so as expected, this event was sold out and the line was large. When I went in to pick up my books (I ordered their previous to get signed as well) the brothers arrived and Drew said hello. (I didn’t see Jonathan sneak in.) I was assured the line would “move quickly” but was not told that we would have go to upstairs! Fortunately, staff at the book store was SUPER accommodating and pulled a few of us who couldn’t make it up the stairs to a different room and had the brothers come by to sign our books there instead. When they entered one of them said “We heard you were having a party down here and we weren’t invited!” They were super nice, chatted and teased and signed our books and posed for photos (They are also SUPER TALL!) After we got our books signed we went outside to have our photos taken with the costumed property brothers – dressed like the characters in the book! RJ Julia always has wonderful events and I am looking forward to who else they have come through CT next!