Jonas Brothers at Mohegan Sun

The Jonas Brothers are BACK! And they brought their happiness begins tour to the Arena at Mohegan Sun near the end of August. Both the onsale for tickets AND VIP M&Gs were an absolute shit show – yet somehow I managed to get a M&G (with a backstage tour I really didn’t want to take) and a really nice seat for the show.
With all the drama of the on sales behind me – I went to check in for VIP – and more drama! I believed the only email I had received from the VIP company was the receipt. But apparently I had also received and didn’t save (so unlike me, but whatever) another email with a confirmation code. The woman was very rude and assured me since SHE sent the emails – I had to have gotten one. My email trash deletes every 30 days or so – it’s August and I bought this in May – forced into a level higher than I wanted – and now they were acting like they weren’t going to let me in without this code – when my name and all my info were on her list and I was standing in front of her with an ID that matched. I remembered taking screen caps of things when I bought it, because it was such a nightmare I wasn’t convinced their servers would handle emailing out the confirmation. But my sD card in my phone had crapped out 2 weeks earlier – of course! Fortunately I pay for Google Photos extra storage backup and scrolled through to May and sure enough – the screen cap with the confirmation code was good enough (and she barely even looked at it, so WTF) and I was given my backstage tour wristband and let inside.
The backstage tour had us go down the arena steps, under the stage (a lot roomier than I was expecting, honestly) and then up the escalator. We went outside and waited for our “walk down memory lane” which was a couple dead-end aisles of clothes the boys had worn, Nick and Kevin’s guitars and one of Joe’s mic stands we could use for photo-ops.
We then were taken into another room and had to give up our purses and cell phones for the M&G – which I really didn’t mind but making us sit there for nearly an hour with no way to let my friends know I wouldn’t be able to meet them before doors wasn’t really fun. (Fortunately we have done enough M&Gs they knew I’d get in contact as soon as I could after their “where are you?” texts went unanswered for a bit) Finally it was time for the M&G where they lined up those with Lane One ‘first on the floor’ tickets and other perks first.
Then it was time for my M&G. I wore my “Id rather be at a Hanson concert” shirt because I was looking for a fun photo-op. I told them I wanted them to pose based on the shirt but I’d let them pick what to do. Kevin started instructing me where to stand and what they would all do – but Joe cut him off and said that he would give a thumbs up because he also wanted to be at a Hanson concert. Afterwards I told them I’d be seeing Hanson the next 2 days so I’d get my wish. Joe asked if I’d be meeting them and I said I didn’t know, but he told me if I did to let them know that they want the beer that they promised them “like 10 years ago.” I told him if I met them I would definitely let them know!
My seat for the show was more amazing than I could have even thought, basically as close to the stage as I could have been without being forced to stand in the GA pit all night. I was able to sit all night and only couldn’t see them when they went to the B-stage, but there was screens up front so I didn’t entirely miss out on what was going on. (Surrounded by stairs I didn’t trust myself to not fall right off!)
I was super excited when they came out on stage – so happy to see them happy and together again!! I thought the setlist was a great mix of old and new and fan requests – and a lot of fun and color! (but somehow despite being so close I only ended up with like 3 pieces of confetti. What the heck!?)

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