Know Yourself is a book of questions.  Each page poses a question for yourself – like what is your favorite room in the house? What do you think about before you go to sleep?  I tried to see which questions I was able to come up with answer for right away, which one I had to think about, and which answer I wasn’t very happy with to try and figure out more about myself and maybe what bad habits I have and should attempt to change.  (And I probably should have kept track of how many answers had something to do with Hanson.  Geez. LOL)

I did find I got stuck for a long time on “What were the three best things that happened today?” and maybe I should start one of those journals writing 1 good thing that happened each day to try and focus more on the positive and what I did do than the negative or what I still have to do.

I really enjoyed this book and how it made me think about things about myself.

“Life is not about finding the right answers; it’s about asking the right questions” – Unknown

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.  This book will be released April 2, 2019 from Workman Publishing Company.

About the Book

Incisive questions can inspire self-reflection, spark ideas, and, best of all, reveal surprising truths. From Flow, the champions of meditating on life’s simple pleasures, here’s a book of 165 creative questions, some sweet, some silly, some unexpectedly provocative, that will open the mind to deeper self-knowledge. There are no “right” answers—the point is simply to stay curious and stay open to learning about oneself or a friend, partner, or roommate.

There are questions to prompt memories: How many homes have you lived in? To fuel a fantasy life: Which historical event do you wish you could have seen with your own eyes? To tap into your sense of adventure: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done? To remind you to live in the present: What were the three best things that happened today? To celebrate your strength: When have you stood up for yourself?

A signature Flow book in its mindful theme and charming, colorful aesthetic with vibrant patterns and hand-lettering, Know Yourself is a pleasure to browse through and share.