Turned On is a book about Science, Sex and Robots.  Yes, Sex Robots.  This book piqued my interest when it mentioned Robots, and maybe a little because it mentioned Sex as well.  It was a lot more indepth, technical and interesting than I was expecting.  Like, I didn’t realize that Corn Flakes were created to be a part of a bland diet to try and reduce masturbation urges. Or that most sex dolls are made in the image of women and while there are some men ones, they are much harder to come by. And that sex toys are getting smarter and smarter and some even use AI to become who the user wants them to become.  But there is also a risk with AI because some are programmed to reach their goal – and HOW they go about it is really cared about which can be dangerous.  I’m also particularly intrigued by the “incel” community and there was some information on that in here as well and if a solution for their problem could be a sex robot?

And since I am now in grad school for Cyber Security, I couldn’t ignore the part where some of the sex toys were keeping data on the user – and it wasn’t stored anonymously so when it was ultimately hacked and obtained by someone who wasn’t supposed to have it, they had all sorts of interesting and NON ANONYMOUS data from the sex toys.  Yikes!! I didn’t even think about that before then but I think that is the sort of “personal” data that users would really want to be kept secure and anonymous and encrypted!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.  This book was released December 18 2018 by Bloomsbury USA.

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