Everything You Need to Know to become a Hardball Know-It-All can be found in The Baseball Fan Book.  It can be debated that I already am a hardball know-it-all, but I had to check out this book just to be sure!  The book includes stats you should know, homeruns by players, games, etc.  I probably don’t know most of these stats off the top of my head, so maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do… 😉  There are also all sorts of obscure facts included like who was a switch pitcher? (Pat Venditte) – what player got 2 hits for 2 teams in 1 day in 2 cities? (Joel Youngblood)  There are skills that you need to obtain such as how to get an autograph to how to score a game.  And of course, my favorite section, HOTDOGS.  There’s a section on new players that might remind you of some old school players, tidbits on ALLLLLLL the teams in the majors, what “greats” would be on a team Mt Rushmore and of course, all the baseball lingo you need to know to be a true know-it-all!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the book

Everything You Need to Become a Hardball Know-It-All
The next book in the Fanbook series from Sports Illustrated KidsThe Baseball Fanbook has all the nerdy-cool insider knowledge that fans ready for next-level, in-depth stats need to know to impress their friends, family, coaches, and any season ticket holders they may meet. Tailor-made for baseball fanatics ages 8 and up who know the basics of the sport they love, may play it, and are looking to become super fans. Filled with fun trivia, unique lingo, and illustrated behind-the-skills how-to’s, chapters include Team Tidbits (salient baseball facts about every MLB team), Think Like A  Manager (essential strategies to understand), He Reminds Me Of (compares current players to legendary greats of America’s favorite pastime), and much more!