March 4, 2018

O-Town at the Wolf Den March 2

March 2nd O-Town made their return to the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun for I believe the 4th year in a row. (I made it to 3/4)  I ended up getting to the line at about 4pm and it was not too bad. I am sure the crazy weather made many stay home who otherwise would have been coming out.  Trevor was going through the line when I got there giving hugs and saying hi before soundcheck started. He commented on my shirt (Slytherin) and asked what it was – then said he wasn’t a Harry Potter guy but maybe he should be a Harry Potter guy because he really liked the shirt LOL

They let us inside at 6:30 to give us time to have a few drinks before the show kicked off at 8pm.  They played about an hour set and premiered 2 new songs that should be coming out on their new EP sometime soon! The setlist seemed to focus on more of the new tracks (Lines and Circles and beyond) than the older nostalgia tracks, which was a bit of a disappointment. Not that the old stuff isn’t great as well – I guess I am just less familiar with it.

After the show everyone who bought a T-Shirt (for $60!) was able to get a wristband to get selfies with the guy after the show.  I always groan at the ever increasing price of the shirts but happily hand over my money and love getting to say a quick hello with the guys.  I just wish the Wolf Den shows had VIP available too because there’s nothing I love more than throwing $250 at boybands. 😉   I told Jake I would see them on Sunday and he started telling me to make sure I was careful driving home! <3 And as usual, our selfie came out the best of the 4.  Always a fun time seeing them and I’m pretty pumped that I get to see them TWICE in one weekend this “tour”!

Some highlights from the show…

New song – Whatchu Wanna Do

New Song So Good Night(?)

The dance to Sensitive was INSANE

We Fit Together is always a highlight


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