Most expensive show:

Most expensive with VIP was John Mayer – $695
Most expensive to GET TO was the Australia / New Zealand run
Most expensive non VIP was NKOTB at Fenway

Least (not free) expensive show:
$25 for Hanson’s Acoustic Storytellers show was the cheapest.

Free shows:
Bon Jovi, O-Town, Kesha, Rick Astley, Lauren Alaina, Andy Grammer, Hanson (x15), The Script

# artists seen: 107
# unique artists seen: 40
# shows seen in CT: 21
# of shows out of state: 41 [15 in a different country]

Show farthest away: Hanson in Australia / New Zealand
Closest show: Stephen Kellogg, Parachute and/or Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele at Fairfield Theater venues. All very close coming from work!
$$ spent on tickets: $4949
Miles traveled: 65,029

Top 6 shows of the year?

Isaac Hanson’s solo show at BTTI
Hanson’s acoustic storytellers
NKOTB at Fenway
John Mayer in Boston
Hanson in Sydney
Kris Allen Christmas

Total number of shows in 2017? 62

First show of the year?
Hanson in Jamaica

First show with actual tickets:
Bon Jovi

Last show of the year?
Stephen Kellogg

Most surprising show?

Most disappointing?
Freestyle 90s… show #499.

Farthest traveled?
To Australia / New Zealand.

States attended shows in?
(and countries) Australia, Canada, CT, IL, Jamaica, MA, MD, MI, New Zealand, NY, OK, VA

Venue most visited?
American Garden Theater @ EPCOT – 9x.

Band seen the most?
Hanson – 37 times

Best new discovery?
Marie Miller

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?
None that I know of

Friends made at shows?

Band members met?
Hanson, O-Town, Stephen Kellogg, Lauren Alaina, Dalton Rapattoni, John Mayer

Best souvenir from a show?
John Mayer VIP laminate. It looks like a guitar pick.

Longest time in line?
Hanson in Chicago, I think. Or maybe one of the Aussie shows.

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]–
O-Town on the boat.. ish.  Hanson Sydney Members Only Event, And a couple of side front rows – Stephen Kellogg, Parachute,

Most shows in one month?
January – 5
February – 4
March – 3
April – 3
May – 4
June – 9
July – 4
August – 2
September – 5
October – 10
November – 7
December  –  4

Once again, October wins!

Most shows in one week? Hanson 9x at Disney, Hanson in Australia

Biggest crowd? NKOTB at Fenway, I think.

Any drunk encounters? Oh, probably. But none that really stand out now. Which I am glad. I never can seem to remember any once I’m looking back.

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