It’s no secret that one of my favorite foods is tater tots. (Or really potatoes in any form) so this book of 50 TOT-ally Awesome recipes was right up my ally as a way to mix things up a bit when it comes to Tots.  The book starts with a few ways to cook your tots – pan fry, deep fry or bake and even how to make your own tots from scratch.  If you’d like to try using something other than a potato, there’s also tips for broccoli or cauliflower, sweet potatoes or beets and zucchini or apple tots!  Then comes the chapter on dips and sauces. Mmm. It’s a good thing I ate before reading this book or I’d have been starving by the time I hit page 20!  Then it gets into all the different recipes – TOTS POUTINE! I am on a poutine kick lately (just got back from Canada so it makes sense) but I didn’t think that poutine could get any better – but I never thought about making it with Tots! mmm. mmm. mmm.

This book was everything I was expecting it to be and so, so much more! If you are as in love with tots as I am you HAVE to check it out.  If you’re having a dinner party soon and want to try some different dishes to serve – well you could probably do a completely tot menu based on recipes from this book and I’m not sure anyone would be disappointed.  But a warning – you will be craving tots by the time you make it to the end of the book! The only down side is I wish there were more photos – although the ones that are included will make your mouth water.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

This quirky single-subject cookbook features more than 50 recipes for making fun, delicious, and over-the-top meals with tater tots, from Chicken Tot Pie to Totchos (tot nachos), Hots ‘n’ Tots (jalapeno tot-poppers) to Apple Tot Crisp.


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