98 Degrees at Christmas

Black Friday rather than go shopping we decided to head up to Foxwoods for a little 98 degrees VIP.  When we got in for soundcheck we found that ABC News was there recording a segment (still not sure when/if it will air or if we missed it!)  Drew was explaining that what they hear in their in-ears for the soundcheck and the show is a lot different than what we hear and that if he wanted to not hear Nick at all the whole show, he could do that.  The brothers seemed to be fighting the whole soundcheck and it even carried into the show a bit as well, which made for lots of laughs.  They talked about their time in the Christmas parade and how their smiles froze to their face because it was so cold out.  Then it was time for the M&G. I was really, really disappointed that we paid so much for this opportunity, only to have the photo taken on a CELL PHONE.

For the main set, it was broken up into parts where they’d do 3-4 Christmas songs and then end it with a 98 degrees single.  At first I found it a bit weird to be at a full out Christmas show, but by the end I wanted more. (So it was a good thing I’d be up at 3am and off to the airport for another show)  I was quite surprised and entertained when they went from Una Noche into Feliz Navidad (but it was such a perfect transition, how did I not expect it?!) I also was particularly entertained by their You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch into Do You Want To Build a Snowman into the Lachey brothers singing (and dancing!) to Let It Go.

They did a great job with the set design, the setlist and everything with this show. I was really impressed with it and glad that I was able to make it out to a show.  Hopefully some more touring (and maybe some more albums) are in their future as their shows are always a ton of fun…


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