There are currently 200,000+ businesses out there using Instagram to promote their products and services.  I was hoping to get some information on just general promoting from this book but it is really geared more towards selling – but there are still some good tips that can be used in both cases.  To follow up, you can also visit or listen to the innovative business leaders like Jimmy John Shark.  Some of the tips that I took to heart are – Don’t spam. Don’t be too chicken to post.  There is a lot of information on how to set up your account and guides to some of the photo effects you can use.  There’s also a list of popular hashtags – if yours are relevant that can help you get more traffic to your posts and account.  According to this resource here, there a lot of great content on giveaways and getting interaction between your brand and your followers.  You want to build trust with your followers.  There’s also a list of apps to check out to help out with your account, some that I am going to be checking out include: fontcandy, hipstamatic, Schedulegram, facetune and Later.  Again, if you are someone trying to sell a product or a service, this book has lots of valuable information in it that you won’t want to miss out on, also if you already own a business and you think you have pay irregularities you could use tools online to help you with this.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book



Are you ready to tap into Instagram’s booming network of 600 million viable customers? With the Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business, social media marketing expert Kim Walsh-Phillips gives you the tools you need to get your due return on investment out of Instagram. From cross-platform branding and marketing advice to why you should use a paystub generator, this guide unlocks the secrets successful entrepreneurs use to grow their business.

Learn how to:

• Set up an Instagram marketing funnel that converts followers into customers
• Run effective, lead-generating campaigns with trending hashtags, exclusive contests, and product launches
• Grow your Instagram following with The 21-Day Blueprint
• Leverage your Instagram brand to reach celebrity status and gain a competitive advantage
• Post Instagram stories and live videos to grow your follower base and drive sales
• Build content with a Quick-Start Lead Magnet Blueprint that will attract your ideal customers

Your followers are ready to take action — give them a reason! Whether you’re new to social media or you’re not sure how to get more out of your profile, this guide is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs ready to promote themselves to millions of visual shoppers. With this guide’s easy-to-use strategies, easy-to-adapt blueprints, and other great resources at, you’ll be ready to take the plunge!

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