The description of this book made me laugh – Fun fact – a lot of animals are shaped like potatoes. Another fun fact – potatoes are easy to draw. Another another fun fact – if you can draw a potato, you can draw animals.

I’m pretty sure I can draw a potato but I would have been less sure to tell you I could draw an animal.  However, Katie’s book includes 200+ lessons for drawing super adorable stuff.  And while I didn’t try out drawing anything while checking this book out, I did find some things I might like to try eventually. Since basically everything in this book is a super, super adorable and oh-so-cute cartoon version of cute animals. And other things. Like vegetables. Because vegetables are totally cute, right?

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Fun fact: A lot of animals are shaped like potatoes.
Another fun fact: Potatoes are easy to draw.
Another another fun fact: If you can draw a potato, you can draw animals.

Master of cute Katie Cook teaches you how to draw everything adorable in her first tutorial book with quick and easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons. All you need is a pencil and paper…or a napkin or a wall, depending on how confident you are in your drawing ability. Learn how to turn curvy blobs, shapes and squiggles into more than 200 different things, including fuzzy animals, cute food and inanimate objects like yarns balls, luggage and a toaster. Add nubbins, swishy bits, and little smiley faces to anything and everything to transform it into something really, really cute.
How to draw lots of cats: fluffy cats, non-fluffy cats, cats in boxes, Polaroids of cats on refrigerators*How to draw food like ketchup delivery sticks, spicy dragon claws and tiny broccoli treesPerfect for doodling during class or in meetingsFor fans of drawing turkeys from hand outlines (gobble, gobble) or Ed Emberley’s super simple drawing instruction books that use shapes, letters and even thumbprints as starting points, Drawing Cute with Katie Cook is a must-own adorable drawing manual, complete with Doctor Who references, fun facts and bad puns.

“If you know how to draw a potato, the art world is an open door.” –Katie Cook

* Don’t worry, there are lots of dog drawings, too!