I have been seeing these World Travel maps where you scratch off where you have been online for quite some time and had been debating getting one.  I think my main issue was debating getting one of just the US states or one that had all of the world countries as well.  I haven’t been to all that many countries.  And I haven’t really been to all that many states yet, either.  But when Julio’s approached me with the offer to review the World Travel map, it felt serendipitous.  I have opted to use this map for keeping track of where I have seen Hanson so the countries are accurate (I’ve only ever been out of the country to Canada for a non Hanson trip – but have seen Hanson there 3 times) there are a few more states I have been to, I just haven’t seen a concert there! I am sure in time that I will get to these repeat states for Hanson shows.  I will also be adding at least 2 countries (Australia and New Zealand) and at least 2 states (Illinois and Michigan) to the list after the Middle of Everywhere World Tour ends.  Will I be able to add any more states for the upcoming Finally It’s Christmas Tour? Well, we’ll just have to see.

Anyway… the map comes rolled up in a poster tube and everything is covered with gold that you need to scratch off to show the color underneath to mark that you have been there.  The map comes with 2 tools – a little scratcher and appropriately enough, a guitar pick. The poster is 17 x 24 and I thought pretty decently sized.  I opted to not use the guitar pick to scratch but only the tool as that seemed to have more precision with scratching and a lot of these New England states are tiny!  It also comes with some flag pins that you can use to mark things as well. Since I haven’t hung this anywhere just yet (it is currently on the dining room table as I continue to scratch the locations of my travels) I have not yet used these.

This is a great gift for anyone who is a world traveler and you don’t otherwise know what to get them! It will probably keep them busy for hours recollecting all the places that they have been and carefully scratching them all off on to the map to keep track!

I received this item at a discount in order to write this review! You can purchase your own at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XHBRTBV