I absolutely love these reversible sequin pillows and can’t help myself but to play with them whenever I see them in the store, so I am pretty excited that I now have one of all my own to play with whenever I like!  This is a throw pillow cover that measures 16×16 (I still need to get a pillow to fit inside of it) and has Blue & Rose sequins on the front side and a soft suede fabric on the back.  It is so fun and easy to just rub your hand over the sequins and change the color in any design you wish – stripes, change the entire thing, waves, letters, etc.  Occasionally some of the sequins do not flip as well as others, so I had to go in and change those one by one to the desired color but overall the movement of the sequins was free and simple and I absolutely love this pillow and everything about it, it reminds of of what I imagine a mermaids tail to look like up close.

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review.  You can pick up your own sequin pillow cover on Amazon at the following link: amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6PPQJU