Book Review: Thurston Moore: We Sing A New Language

Thurston Moore: We Sing A New Language is about Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. I did not realize that he was from Bethel, CT!  The band was signed in 1989 and the book documents 130+ recordings and collaborations with interviews from the collaborators involved on each of the recordings.  I thought it was really cool and a different approach to a biography. You could go to specific recordings that you wanted to know more about, or just check out the whole book and find out pretty much everything you ever needed to know! It includes collaborations, solo recordings and guest appearances.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

We Sing A New Language is the first definitive account of Thurston Moore’s work across many hundreds of collaborations, solo recordings and guest appearances.

His long tenure in Sonic Youth might speak for itself, but in this book Moore’s friends and colleagues speak revealingly for his other achievements, bringing together a wide variety of creative enterprises whose unifying thread is nothing more or less than Thurston Moore’s passionate devotion to music.

Keen to experiment, willing to relinquish control and unafraid to take chances, he has allowed himself to remain creative and innovative. It’s a unique achievement and one that finds worthy celebration in We Sing A New Language.

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