Music Monday: OTown – Part 1

Empty Space
After the Lights Go Out
Shady Business
Cut the Cord

OTown released an EP recently after having great success raising funds to record it on kickstarter.  A few of the songs I had heard already live when they did a show at Mohegan Sun earlier this year.  For the most part I am loving the EP! The only song I am not yet sold on is “Giants”, but it will probably grow on me after a few more listens 🙂   Shady Business we at first thought was all about Lou Pearlman but after hearing more about it, it seems like the start of it stemmed from the Rewind Con that was held in Chicago that ended up being a bit of a con itself.

I will be seeing the guys again in July – on a BOAT – with VIP!  It won’t get much better than that and getting to hear some of these new tracks LIVE will just be the icing on the cake.

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