1. Somebody That Wants To Love You
2. Ghostwriter
3. Reach Out For My Hand
4. I Don’t Want To Go Home
5. I Lift You Up


One of the perks of heading to Hanson Day Weekend in Tulsa is that you get to pick up your Members Only EP at registration if you have joined/renewed for the year prior to arriving! This year they did 5 streams of the 5 songs on the EP so I had an idea of what to expect, but was a bit surprised with the final versions of some of the songs.

“I Don’t Want To Go Home” is the new Hanson fan anthem and the most popular line – “All my friends are here, I don’t want to go home” even made it on a Hanson symbol pin in the Hanson.net store.

Most of the songs are poppy and upbeat with the exception of “I Lift You Up” which is the one song that I have been skipping. Not because it’s not good, it is, but because it’s hard for me to get through listening to it.  This one is also interesting because some of the background tracks on it are just the guys breathing into an app on their phone – which Isaac held up to the mic during the live performance.