After leaving the comic con, we decided that we might as well try for 2 *NSYNC members in one day and we once again split off 2 and 2 – this time myself and Casey headed to Mohegan Sun on a mission to find Joey Fatone who was hosting the “Freestyle Loves the 90s” concert at the arena.  While I thought I was, in every sense of the words, a “90s kid”, there was only one act on this bill that I knew who they were – Tiffany.  And honestly, I’d consider her more of an 80s act. And I had seen her before.  So really, the only reason I wanted to go into the venue was to see Joey.

We had debated just waiting to try and find Joey outside in the casino somewhere but when SECOND ROW tickets opened up as we were asking about tickets, we decided to buy them.  Probably not one of our smarter ideas, but at least we did get to see Joey.  Except for the fact that there were 14 acts and we saw 4 of them before he ever graced the stage and it was probably the worst concert I had ever been to.  But, it was also the closest I had ever been at the arena.  When you’re that close you can see who is performing with their fly down and which lady completely ripped her pants in the middle of her set. And how one act went on stage with her reading glasses on her shirt and then lost them by the end of her set.

After the show we tried to find Joey and figured out he was in the club, Avalon, but it being a Saturday night the line was insane and there was no chance that we were going to be making it inside. Turns out that was exactly where he was all night. 🙁

We did end up seeing just about every other act who was in the show with the exception of Tiffany and Joey, of course, the two we wanted to spot! Just another thing to add to the list of stupid things I have done for boybands.

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